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Montgomery County Public Schools are opening on time today. Administrative offices also are opening on time.

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Montgomery County Public Schools abrirán en su horario habitual el día de hoy. Las oficinas administrativas también abrirán en su horario habitual.

What to do if you child requires modifications and/or adaptations

Physical Education in High School

Resources for Physical Education in high school.

How your child will be evaluated

Students are evaluated by a set of six standards in the Curriculum Framework for Physical Education:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Biomechanical principles
  • Social psychological principles
  • Motor learning principles
  • Physical activity
  • Skillfulness

Read an explanation of all standards (PDF)

How your child will be assesed

Students are evaluated on the six standards.

MCPS High School Physical Education Curriculum Framework 

Course descriptions

High school course descriptions can be found in the High School Course Bulletin.

State documents

Materials and Equipment

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