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Nutrition and Allergen Information

We welcome the opportunity to provide parents with information that will allow your child to participate in your school’s meal programs. The information provided is based on current information from manufacturers, recipes for MCPS produced items, and nutritional analysis software.

Please be aware that there are factors that may affect a product’s actual nutritional value and/or ingredient composition at any given time:

  • Manufacturers’ formulations may change without notice.
  • USDA food products may become available at any time during the year and may replace a purchased item.
  • Product brands may change during the year as new bids are approved.
  • Schools may be using inventory from a previous bid or manufacturer.
  • MCPS recipes may change during the school year.
  • A la carte snack items vary from school to school, so check with the cafeteria manager at your student’s school for specific information and/or to restrict purchases.

This information is updated prior to the start of each school year, and is updated as changes occur. Please check periodically for changes and/or updates.

Due to space restrictions, the abbreviations below have been utilized on the nutrient and allergen pages.

  • WG - Whole Grain
  • WW - Whole Wheat
  • HP - Elementary hot pack meal
  • CC, CP, PP - MCPS produced items
  • (E) - Elementary Schools
  • (M) - Middle Schools
  • (H) - High Schools
  • (S) - Secondary Schools (Middle & High Schools)
  • (ALT) - Alternative Schools

Nutrient Information

Report Format Last Updated
Nutrition Data   PDF

Allergen Information

Report Format Last Updated
Allergen Data   PDF

Guidance for Accommodating Students with Severe Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

Report Format Last Updated
Nut Allergies   PDF 6/29/2017

Adobe Acrobat is required to view these files.  If you are having problems viewing the Adobe Acrobat files on this page, please visit the MCPS Web: About Adobe Acrobat Files  page for more information.

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