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Gluten Free & No Gluten Ingredients

Gluten Free: These foods contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. They are naturally gluten free (such as fresh fruits and vegetables) or tested and certified less than 20 ppm.

No Gluten Ingredients: The ingredients do not include gluten but the products are not tested for gluten and/or may be at risk for cross contamination.

GF=Gluten Free | NGI=No Gluten Ingredients


Beef Pattie:GF
BBQ Chicken Drummies: NGI
Chicken Ham, sliced: NGI
Chicken Pepperoni: NGI
Cheeses: Co-Jack, Sliced American, Shredded, & String: GF
Chickpeas, Roasted: GF
Egg Pattie: GF
Ham, Virginia: GF
Hummus Cups: GF
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait, Omit Granola: NGI
Philly Steak, Beef, with Cheese Sauce: NGI
Sausage Links/Patties, Pork: GF
Taco Meat: NGI
Turkey Franks: NGI
Turkey, Thanksgiving: NGI
Turkey Breast, sliced: NGI


Oatmeal, Instant Maple: NGI
Multi-Grain Cheerios®
Rice Krispies®, Brown Rice: NGI
Rice, WG: NGI
Rice, Lime Cilantro: NGI
Taco Pieces, Bulk: GF
Tostitos® Scoops® and Rounds: GF

Prepared Recipes

Cheese Sauce for Nachos/Philly Steak: NGI
Chicken Salsa Verde: NGI
Marinara Sauce: NGI
Spaghetti Sauce, with Meat (Smith Center): NGI


All Fruits, Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried & 100 % Juices: GF
Sorbet, 100% Whole Fruit: GF


All Vegetables, Except WG Onion Rings & Szechuan Green Beans: NGI
Soups: Ancient Grains: NGI


All varieties: GF
Soy Milk: GF


Bacon, Pork: NGI
Cream Cheese Spread: GF
Catsup, bulk/Packet: GF
Cranberry Sauce: GF
Dressings, Ranch, Salsa Ranch & Universal: NGI
Hot Sauce, Texas Pete: GF
Jelly, Bulk/Packet: GF
Salsa: GF
Syrup: GF

Snacks/Beverages/A La Carte

Doritos®, White Wild: NGI
Fruit Snacks: GF
Fruit Wave Water: GF
Ice Cream Novelties: Cups, Fudge-O-Bar: GF
Kettle Chips: NGI
Popcorn, Smartfood: GF
Taco Pieces, Bulk: GF
Tostitos® Rounds & Scoops®: GF

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