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OFFICIAL TITLE: Paraeducator 10 mo CODE: 6600 SQ/OQ: Optimal Qualified
WORKING TITLE: Paraeducator GRADE: 11 MONTHS: 10
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: At the direction of the principal, assists teachers by performing a variety of tasks that promote student learning and well being. Duties involve working with students individually and in small groups assessing performance, reinforcing instruction, motivating learning, assisting with classroom management, clerical, and other non-instructional work.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of and the ability to meet the seven core competencies of the Supporting Services Professional Growth System (SSPGS).
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: High School or GED diploma required. Associates degree preferred. Completed 30 college credits from an accredited institution or successful completion of the Praxis Series: ParaPro Assessment with a qualifying score of 455 is required if no Associates degree. Preference given to the candidate with a college degree with nine credit-hours related to education field such as behavior management, classroom strategies and one years experience working with students in structured situations. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience equivalent to an Associates degree, which provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform effectively in the position, may be considered.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) Frequent bending, walking, running, lifting of objects/equipment up to 50 lbs. When lifting students who weigh between 35 and 49 pounds, an additional staff member will be considered. Anytime a staff member is responsible for 50 lbs or more of a students weight, the need for additional staff will be required to lift the student safely (2-person requirement). Mechanical lifts will be considered on an individual basis. Note: Safe Student Lifting Assessment form will be utilized by staff responsible for lifting students. Recommendations will be established on a case by case basis after assessment by a physical therapist or occupational therapist.) Additional demands may require moving wheelchairs, assisting with toileting, feeding and other daily living activities.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) none


Assists individual and small groups of children in various subject areas and motor activities, e.g., reading, telling stories, spelling, games, art, mathematics, and physical activities.

Monitors students engaged in independent work or similar activities while the teacher is otherwise occupied.

Provides special help to students with short attention spans through interest activities.

Alerts teacher to individual student needs and suggests programming, and prepares individual student activity plan under direction of teacher as required.

Works with individual and small groups of children in need of additional assistance.

Reviews and reinforces classroom lessons and learning experiences with students.

Assists in formulating and conducting classroom activities.

Provides information to assist the teacher in evaluation of the learning process, behavior management programs, individual student needs and progress and recommends appropriate action.

Engages in daily and longer term planning of activities with teachers.

Keeps teacher informed of student progress and learning needs.

Works with students in a counseling role; may assist in teaching classes of basic skills in job training programs.

Continues planned instructional activities during teacher's temporary absence from the classroom.

Assists teacher in carrying out classroom activities; prepares slides, charts and other instructional materials requiring knowledge of the instructional subject matter.

Sets up and operates audiovisual equipment; assists in administering tests and examinations; scores tests requiring subject matter knowledge.

Helps maintain order and discipline and assists in managing the behavior of students, including crisis intervention.

Helps students locate materials; assists in the direction of games, group singing, physical exercises and similar activities.

Supervises students between classrooms, during lunch period and recess, and during playground activities; eats lunch with students, and provides physical and instructional assistance as needed.

Assists in the supervision of students while being transported on buses in the loading and unloading of buses.

May perform clerical and non instructional duties such as keeping daily attendance counts, distribution of lunch tickets and collection of money, recording of grades, distribution of books and supplies, maintenance of files and records, typing reports and routine correspondence, and reproduction of instructional materials; however, such duties comprise a clear minority of the work hours.

Computer lab assistants will have responsibility for ensuring proper maintenance and care of computer lab equipment.

In cooperation with the school bus driver, shares responsibility for students from the time they are picked up until they are dropped off at their final destination.

Serves as a link between home and school; has added responsibility of communicating information between the teacher and parents who are meeting the bus.

Observes the child's behavior and interactions on the bus and uses the riding time to reinforce classroom learning. At the bus stop, provides appropriate feedback to the parent to support the instructional program.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Class Established: 7/02
Date(s) Revised: 1/2012
Last Reviewed:

This description may be changed at any time.

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