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JEA-RA, Student Attendance

About this Regulation

Regulation: JEA-RA

Last revised: February 09, 2018


To establish responsibility for recording and excusing absences and to outline procedures for monitoring and improving attendance and for follow-up with students and parents/guardians in accordance with requirements set forth in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).

Adobe PDF JEA-RA, Student Attendance 49 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, Asistencia Escolar de los Estudiantes510 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, Présence et Absence des Élèves518 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, Sự Hiện Diện của Học Sinh516 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, 學生的出勤902 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, 출결석647 K
Adobe PDF JEA-RA, የተማሪ ክትትል339 K

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