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District Implementation Plan

District Implementation Plan

The District Implementation Plan for the MCPS Strategic Planning Framework—Building Our Future Together: Students, Staff and Community—was developed to guide schools and offices in fulfilling the mission, values and core purpose of the Framework. The Plan includes five core strategies, which are important levers in the work to close the achievement gap and help all students thrive. Each core strategy includes key focus areas that describe our work to meet the needs of each and every student.

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The Strategic Planning Framework

Building Our Future Together is a Strategic Planning Framework that will guide Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) as we seek to provide all students with the skills and knowledge needed for success..

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Five Core Strategies

CORE STRATEGY I - Academic Rigor and Culturally Proficient Instruction

Designing and implementing a rigorous and culturally proficient curriculum and instructional program

Focus Areas

FULLY IMPLEMENT MCPS Curriculum 2.0 in all areas, ensuring alignment with the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards (Common Core State Standards) and the Next Generation Science Standards.

INCREASE OPPORTUNITIES for project-based and problem-based learning throughout the district to build creative problem solving skills and social emotional competencies in all MCPS students.

IMPROVE the timeliness and quality of interventions, using data to identify students who are struggling and using programs and partnerships aimed at keeping students on track for graduation and post secondary success

PROVIDE DIVERSE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES based on the identified needs and unique interests of students, including services and programs for students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP); have been identified as highly gifted; have specific career interests; or may not have succeeded in traditional school environments.

INFUSE TECHNOLOGY in the classroom to enhance creativity and collaboration, individualize instruction, and provide students with 21st century skills and knowledge.

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CORE STRATEGY II - Equitable Funding and Support

Investing greater resources and support to schools with greater need.


Focus Areas

PROVIDE PREKINDERGARTEN for students whose families are living below, at, or near the poverty line in order to build a strong foundation of learning.

KEEP CLASS SIZES LOWER in kindergarten through Grade 2 in the elementary schools most impacted by poverty in order to improve student achievement in core areas, especially reading

USING PERFORMANCE DATA, allocate resources to schools based on the needs of their student enrollment and areas of lower-than-expected student performance.

IN PARTNERSHIP with the community, use extracurricular programs to provide additional academic support to students and foster relationships that keep students engaged in school and on track for graduation

CORE STRATEGY III - Human Capital Management

AT MCPS, WE RECOGNIZE THAT OUR SUCCESS today and in the future requires us to recruit, retain, and develop the best employees in public education.

Focus Areas

INCREASE THE DIVERSITY of our teacher workforce.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATIONS, maintain and improve the MCPS Professional Growth Systems (PGSs) to foster continuous improvement in our employees and provide pathways for growth and advancement.


CORE STRATEGY IV - Community Engagement

MCPS IS COMMITTED TO WORKING WITH ITS COMMUNITY PARTNERS and engaging families in order to support the achievement of its students.


Focus Areas

SUSTAIN AND EXPAND existing partnerships that meet the in-school and out-of-school needs of students and families, including Linkages to Learning, the Kennedy Cluster Project, and Excel Beyond the Bell

BUILD COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TEAMS that develop community leadership capacity, enhance and expand partnerships, and help meet the needs of students and families in our schools.

FACILITATE TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION with parents, students, employees, and community members using a wide array of tools to engage and inform.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH COMMUNITYWIDE ORGANIZATIONS, engage, support, and inform families and community members, providing opportunities for them to advocate and interact directly with their schools.

CORE STRATEGY V - Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

AS A RECIPIENT OF THE MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD, MCPS has a long-standing commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Focus Areas

USE A BALDRIGE-GUIDED PROCESS to build and maintain world-class services to schools, ensuring efficient and timely operations; secure and modern facilities; and nurturing, 21st century learning environments.

USE DATA from local, state, and national assessments—both formative and summative—and other sources to evaluate programs and services; guide school and office improvement efforts; and develop a values-based, needs-driven budget.

PROVIDE INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES for collaboration among educators and staff using the myMCPS portal and other tools.


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