School/Community Based Program



Ms. Steichen's Schedule

  • Music - Tuesday
  • Art - Thursday
  • P.E. - Friday
  • Media - Monday

Ms. Baylin's Schedule

  • Music -Wednesday
  • Art - Tuesday
  • P.E. - Thursday
  • Media - Monday


Cashell Elementary has two classes of the School Community-Based Program (SCBP), the primary and the intermediate. The primary class, taught by Andrea Baylin, serves students from kindergarten through 2nd grade. The intermediate class, taught by Dara Skobel, serves students from 3rd grade through 5th grade.

Both classes address individual academic skills and behavioral needs, as well as focusing on functional and self-help skills to promote independence. Communication is also largely addressed utilizing a multitude of methods including voice, voice output devices, sign language, gestures, and pictures.

Beginning in 3rd grade, the students in the intermediate SCBP class participate in the Alt. MSA, a state assessment administered across several months. The Alt. MSA addresses students’ individual goals.