News and Announcements



I wanted to take a few minutes to explain to you what happened Thursday and to complete the announcement that I tried twice to make on Thursday unrelated to Thursdays event.


First, the separate event and why we do not allow you to wear hats or hoodies in the building. At another MCPS high school last week an adult wearing a hoodie entered the building and eventually ended up starting a fight with a student. There were injuries involved. Please do not wear a hat or a hoodie in the building that way if we do see someone wearing either we can approach them and possibly avoid a problem.


As for Thursday, it appears that someone stole and used the email address of one of our students and sent a bomb threat. Our student was not involved and I understand the police are confident that their tech people will soon know who sent the email. As far as the lockdown itself goes please take every lockdown seriously, even if I announce that it is a drill. As I’m sure you will remember I did announce that Thursday was not a drill and did it quickly because we were having trouble with the PA that day.


Serious means that blinds are pulled, windows and doors are covered that  you retreat to a corner of the room and maintain silence. You should also mute or turn off your cell phones since an incoming call could indicate your location. We are aware that the lockdown was lengthy. That is no excuse  for talking, students to restrooms or to the windows to see what is happening. It is to be silence, please, until the drill is ended.


We know that restroom use was an issue and we will address that for further incidents, but you will still not be allowed to leave the classroom. Lights out and silence are crucial in a lockdown situation. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to come and see me. Thank you.

Principal Fernandez