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 AP-IB Exam Schedule - May 2018

 AP Exam Expectations_Student Sheet

AP Exam Procedures_Student Sheet

IB Conduct of Examinations_Notice to Candidates

IB Exam Expectations_Student Sheet

IB Exam Procedures_Student Sheet

Permission To Be Excused From Classes On AP and IB Exam Days


Students should arrive at 7:45 for morning exams and 11:45 for afternoon exams. Students have received their personal exam schedule in their testing folder April 26th and 27th. Please review your student’s schedule, along with the other exam information in the folder, paying special attention to exam start and stop times. Some exams conclude AFTER the end of the school day and it is the student’s responsibility to find transportation home after their exams. While every effort is made to start and end exams as scheduled, exams may end later than anticipated. Students will not be able to contact their parents or guardians if this occurs. Students may be excused from class on the day of their exam, but they must submit the yellow attendance form found in their testing folder to Ms. Gedling in the attendance office PRIOR to their 1st exam.


IB students only: You must submit the Google Survey (linked shown below) if you would like to have your scores sent to a college or university free of charge by FRIDAY, June 1st! If you do not complete the Google Survey by June 1st, you will have to request your scores to be sent directly from IB for a fee.

College & University score request form:


We wish all of our test takers the best of luck on their exams!


Mrs. Becraft, AP and IB Coordinator

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