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The goal of the Montgomery County Public Schools’ foreign language program is to educate students in a language and culture in order to make them knowledgeable and active members of a global society. Students will learn to use foreign languages for meaningful communication in both spoken and written form. The foreign language program emphasizes language as it is used in real-life situations that students are most likely to encounter. Through foreign language study, students develop sensitivity to the cultural and linguistic heritage of other groups, understand their influence on American culture, and become prepared to participate in a society characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity."

- Montgomery County Public Schools Department of World Languages Program Philosophy

Course Descriptions and Grading Policy


Midterm Study Guides 

 Spanish 1 

 Spanish 2 

 Spanish 3 

 Immersion Spanish 1A 

 Immersion Spanish 2A 

 Immersion Spanish 3A  


 French 1 

 French 2  

 French 3 

 Immersion French 1A 

 Immersion French 2A 

 Immersion French 3A 


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Useful Spanish Links 

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