District 5

Brenda Wolff

About Brenda Wolff

Ms. Brenda Wolff was elected to her first four-year term on November 6, 2018.

Ms. Wolff is a member of the Board of Education’s Fiscal Management Committee and Committee on Special Populations. She also will serve as the Board’s representative to the Maryland Association of Boards of Education’s Legislative Committee.

Ms. Wolff served as an attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and a Hearing Officer for the Massachusetts Public Utility Commission.

Ms. Wolff served 27 years in various capacities in the United States Department of Education.  She served as the Chief Regional Attorney in the Boston Office for Civil Rights and the Deputy Director and Acting Director in the Philadelphia Office for Civil Rights.  She also served as the Director of the National Institute of Educational Governance, Finance, Policymaking and Management, and as the Acting Director of the National Institute on Education of At-Risk Students.  She retired having served as the Program Manager for the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Ms. Wolff has served on various Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) committees, including the African American Student Achievement Group.

Ms. Wolff graduated from Smith College with a degree in mathematics, and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. She is married with two grown children. 

Brenda Wolff

First term expires 2022
Resident of Silver Spring

    Phone: 240-740-3030

    E-mail: Brenda_Wolff@mcpsmd.org (see e-mail notice)

    Fax: 301-279-3860

    Address: Carver Educational Services Center, Room 123
    850 Hungerford Drive
    Rockville, Maryland 20850

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