Board Expenses

On Monday, July 28, 2014, the Montgomery County Board of Education (Board) approved sweeping changes to the processes and guidelines that govern the payment of expenses that Board members incur as a part of their work. Among the changes, Board members will no longer use district-funded credit cards; will receive a per diem allowance when attending professional conferences; and will employ a new process for determining public events, conferences, and meetings that Board members can attend at the district’s expense.

The changes are reflected in the Board Member Compensation and Expense Standards section of the Board’s Handbook, as well as the new and updated expense forms:

Board Member Expense Reports

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has received multiple requests under the Maryland Public Information Act for documents related to the Board members’ expenses and use of MCPS-issued credit cards. MCPS has provided expense reimbursements, mileage, credit card logs, and backup documentation for Montgomery County Board of Education members for the past five years. The documents provided in response to those requests can be viewed below.

Combined Report

Members of the Board of Education

Former Members of the Board of Education

Student Members of the Board of Education

Board of Education Office Staff
Explanation of documents (pdf)

* - Please read “Explanation of documents” for more information about these expenses