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Special Place Visualization  

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Get comfortable in your chair. Begin to take slow deep breaths, in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing . . . in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you become comfortable, allow your eyes to close as you scan your body for tension. Relax any muscles that feel tense. Allow the tension to be released from your body each time you exhale. Continue to focus on your breathing. . check your body again for tension and release any remaining tension as you exhale. Continue breathing slowly and gently. Think for a moment about a place where you feel relaxed and stress free. . . .it might be a place you have been before or a place you've read about, or heard about, or dreamt about. . .it is calm and safe, a place where your worries disappear. Picture yourself in this place. . .look around and take in all the sights. What do you see? What is around you? Is there anyone near you? Spend a moment paying attention to all that you see around you. Now, notice what you hear in this special place. Pay close attention to the sounds around you. You are especially aware now of all that you see and hear. Now focus on what you can smell. Are there special odors associated with this special place? Pay attention to any specific smells that you notice. . . .You are aware of all that you can see, and hear, and smell in this special, relaxing place. Now pay attention to what you feel? How is the temperature in your special place? Are there certain textures associated with being here? What are the sensations on your skin? Be aware of all of that you see, hear, smell and feel in this special place. You are safe and at peace. Say to yourself, “I am relaxed. . .I am at peace. . .tension has flowed out of my body.” Now attend to what you can taste. Are there certain tastes here, in your special place? Take a moment to focus on any tastes associated with this place. Take in all of what you can see, and hear, and smell, and touch and taste at this special place. Stay there for just another moment. This is a place where you are relaxed and calm. You can return here whenever you want to. . . . .Focus back on your breathing. . . in just a few seconds, I am going to ask you to leave your special place and come back to this room. . .I am going to count backwards from five and when I finish, open your eyes, and return to this room. . . . .5, 4, 3, 2, 1

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