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Word of the Month

Harbinger (noun)
A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.
The kids in our neighborhood see ice cream trucks as a harbinger of summer.

Tip of the Month

Should I use It's or Its? A Refresher on a Troubling Usage

The most common pronoun error is using it's for the possessive pronoun. Here is what you need to know to figure it out.

It's is a contraction of it is. It's is not considered good usage in formal business writing, because it is casual, and lacks authority. It is fine to use it's in informal communication including speech, but it is works better to portray authority in your correspondence.

Its is a possessive pronoun. Use it following the noun it refers to. The nasty tornado reared its ugly head.

Practice usage with this short exercise. It will help you remember what to do when you write your correspondence. Click the right answer.

  • Virtue is (Its/It's) own reward.
  • (It's/Its) better to use fresh ingredients in this recipe.
  • (It's/Its) claws are used to catch prey.
  • Choose a brightly colored scarf; (It's/Its) a nice contrast to the pale gray suit.
  • The college will not raise (It's/Its) tuition next year.

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