Our Mission

To support educational excellence by providing a vital link among students, staff, and the community through quality television and electronic media.

Who We Are

MCPS-TV is a full-service television and multimedia facility that produces programs for staff, parents, students, and the general community. Many programs are produced in multiple languages to reach the growing multi-cultural community in Montgomery County. MCPS-TV programs can be viewed on cable channel 34, as well as online via our YouTube channel and on Twitter. In addition, media are disseminated to schools, libraries, and other government agencies.


In a school district with over 165,000 students and nearly 24,000 staff, and where families from 157 countries speak 150 different languages, MCPS-TV plays an important role bridging schools to families, communicating important information and supporting training and staff development. MCPS-TV is an essential component of the school district's collection of communication tools. It makes it easier for Montgomery County Public Schools to reach parents, students, staff, and the community by using television to help capture the attention and involve viewers.


  • ITV facilitates dissemination. In spring 2004, more than 10,000 teachers, administrators, and staff viewed a series of training videos produced by MCPS TV in collaboration with the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs and the Office of Staff Development to clarify the new policy on grading and reporting. During the 2003-2004 school year, more than 5,600 teachers and paraeducators viewed training videos on the new math and reading curriculum for grades 1-5.
  • Training tape have also been created and used to prepare staff in emergency procedures. Code Red/Code Blue videos are used to train MCPS staff on emergency preparedness procedures. Working with the Division of Maintenance, training videos are used to help building service staff hone their skills and develop their professional growth opportunities.
  • A consistent message is provided to all training participants. Staff can view best practices in action using videos which provide accurate and complete demonstrations of skills and methods in actual classroom settings.
  • Training videos reinforce concepts and skills. Staff can view and review video programs to reinforce the proficiency they need to be effective in the classroom and workplace.


  • MCPS TV creates programs on a wide range of topics to enable parents to understand the school system and ways to help their children succeed. Programs such as Our Schools Today and Take 10 discuss enrollment procedures, understanding report card information, special education issues, testing procedures in different grades, what the tests mean, and community service requirements facts and tips for students. Other topics include discussion about what to expect at parent/teacher conferences, the process for applying to summer school, an explanation of graduation requirements as well as useful information for getting ready for college.
  • Programs with critical information are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and American Sign Language for the hearing impaired.
  • MCPS-TV fills a unique niche within MCPS by disseminating critical information quickly in the event of an emergency or crisis in the community. The importance of this role was most evident during the September 11 crisis and the sniper attacks when MCPS-TV aired up-to-the-minute information on school emergency procedures.
  • Title I schools have greater numbers of English Language learning students, so MCPS-TV developed comprehensive informational videos about the school system in five languages. The reactions from these schools were positive with requests totaling 435 copies of which about 300 were foreign language versions.
  • MCPS-TV's partnership with Montgomery County Libraries and MCPS parent outreach offices is helping to make video more readily available to parents throughout the community in five different languages.


  • Homework Hotline Live!, a live, interactive call-in program hosted by MCPS teachers, has received and responded to more than 1,600 homework question calls from MCPS students in the 2003-2004 school year.
  • In the fall of 2003 MCPS TV introduced Keepin' It Real, a forum for discussion involving MCPS high school students. The lively dialogue on current and sometimes controversial subjects is taped and replayed so that all students can learn about important issues.
  • MCPS TV acquires some instructional programming to supplement its own wide range of programming. Students and parents find programs like the Scholastic series of animated historical figures both entertaining and educational. Other viewers praise science and social studies programs that cover topics including weather, the solar system, dinosaurs, and ancient Rome.