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Sports Insight is a new TV and web video series highlighting the student-athletes, teachers, coaches and support staff who make MCPS athletics an exciting addition to our community and a valuable learning experience for our students.

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Episode 24: Bocce and Referees

Izzy Kessler and Lewis Kessler are a father and daughter referee team for bocce matches in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Izzy is a graduate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School where she was a bocce player and then coach for the Barons bocce teams.

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Episode 24: Bocce and Referees

Izzy Kessler and Lewis Kessler are a father and daughter referee team for bocce matches in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Izzy is a graduate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School where she was a bocce player and then coach for the Barons bocce teams.

Episode 23: Staff Supporting Athletics

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland supports over 1400 different athletic teams in 65 middle and high schools. In addition to coaches, a lot of other staff members and parents work behind the scenes to run an athletics program this large. Take a look at just some of the people who support athletics in our public school system.

Episode 22: Playing on the road

When a high school is rebuilt or a large addition is added to a school, the athletic fields are often unavailable to a school's teams. In the 2018-2019 school year, three MCPS high schools in Maryland, Wheaton, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, and Seneca Valley High School, are playing all their games on the road while their fields are under construction. Hear from Montgomery County Public Schools coaches and student-athletes about the disruption a construction project brings to a team's season, and how they are looking forward to new facilities in the future.

Episode 21: Equity in Athletics

Follow the Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) athletic department as they discuss and develop equitable practices in areas such as race, gender, facilities, and finance. Guests on the show are Jeffrey Sullivan, the MCPS Director of system wide athletics, and Troy Boddy, Acting Director, Professional Learning and Equity Initiatives at MCPS.

Episode 20: Student athletes & social media

High school athletic departments are using social media to communicate with athletes, fans, alumni, parents, and guardians each sport season. And team members are also using platforms like twitter, instagram and snapchat to build team unity and promote their school teams. Learn about the best practices for using social media in this episode of MCPS Sports Insight.

Episode 19: Poms

Congratulations to Poolesville High School, Albert Einstein High School, and Gaithersburg High School, the three MCPS Pompon division team winners at the county championships in February 2018. More than 420 student athletes are on Pompon teams at the 25 high schools in Montgomery County Public Schools. Learn all about the training and community service projects they carry out during the fall and winter sport seasons - and see parts of the performances from the Division 1 and 3 county championship events held on 2/3/18.

Episode 18: Student Spirit Groups & Mascots

In this edition of Sports Insight from Montgomery County Public Schools, we take a look at student spirit groups like The Red Army at Quince Orchard High School, and The Swarm at Damascus High School, and go behind the scenes with some school mascots and the students that promote school spirit.

Episode 17: MCPS Wrestling

High school basketball probably gets the most attention from fans during the winter season, but another sport - wrestling - is unmatched when it comes to the commitment it requires, and the life lessons it offers our student athletes. And the commitment to wrestling extends to the coaches, who spend hundreds of hours during the winter months with their teams. Sports Insight recently visited with Derek Manon - a lifelong athlete and family man - a middle school math teacher by day, and Walt Whitman High School’s varsity wrestling coach by night.

Episode 16: Silver Creek MS Huskies

Learn about what it is like to start an athletics program from scratch at a new middle school. Silver Creek Middle School is in Kensington, Maryland, and it opened in August 2017. The athletics program includes cross country, softball, soccer and basketball teams for 7th and 8th grade students.

Episode 15: Student Team Managers

Learn about students in high school who contribute to the success of the school's athletic teams by being team managers. This video focuses on the football team managers at Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville, Maryland.

Episode 14: Corollary Sports

Part of the interscholastic athletics program in Montgomery County Public Schools is the Corollary Sports. The program includes Team Handball in the fall, Bocce in the winter, and Allied Softball in the spring. These varsity sports offer many more high school students the opportunity to experience the fun of competitive team sports during their high school years.Learn about the MCPS Corollary Sports program in this video.

Episode 13: Academic Support

See how teachers, coaches and teammates help high school students who are working to balance their sporting life with the requirements of their academic achievement.

Episode 12: Alumni Coaches

In this episode of Sports Insight, host Cliff Elgin, a teacher and coach, interviews two MCPS varsity basketball coaches who also played basketball at the same school where they teach and coach now. Meet and hear from Diallo Nelson from John F. Kennedy High School and Rochelle Coleman from Paint Branch High School.

Episode 11: Swim & Dive

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland has a swimming and diving program for high school students during each winter sports season. Approximately 1500 students take part in the program from 25 high schools. The schools are divided into 4 divisions, and all of the swim meets take place on Saturdays. MCPS uses the Montgomery County aquatic centers around the county, and Montgomery College pools, for team competitions and many practices.

Episode 10: Helen Maroulis

Montgomery County Public Schools alum Helen Maroulis was a gold medal winner in last summers Olympics. She stopped by for a chat on Sports Insight.

Episode 9: Cheerleading

In this episode of Sports Insight we visit the MCPS cheerleading championships event and see the competitors from 8 schools in action. We also discuss the safety program that is in place and used by coaches and competitors during the cheer seasons.

Episode 8: Middle School Athletics

Montgomery County Public Schools curriculum includes a team sport program for 7th and 8th grade students in its 39 middle schools. Over 5000 student athletes participate each school year in 7 sports. Learn more about the program and hear from students who participate in this edition of Sports Insight.

Episode 7: The Sports Community

Go behind the scenes at a Montgomery County, Maryland high school football game in Burtonsville, Maryland. The Paint Branch Panthers host the Gaithersburg Trojans in a Friday night varsity game. We'll show you the school staff and community groups who work to make these games a memorable experience for students.

Episode 6: Summer Athletics Workshop

When school is on summer break, MCPS staff from every area of the school system work to prepare for the next year educating students. This includes the athletics department staff, who hold a month long summer athletics workshop to create new event schedules and update the athletics handbook that all athletic directors use during the school year.

Episode 5: Certified Athletic Trainer in MCPS sports

In this episode of Sports Insight we look at the role of the Certified Athletic Trainer in MCPS sports.

Episode 4: Gymnastics and CoEd Volleyball

In this episode of Sports Insight we look at two spring sports, gymnastics and volleyball.

Episode 3: Captains

The role of the team captain is the topic discussed on this edition of Sports Insight.

Episode 2: Scholarships

Episode 2 examines the topic of Sports Scholarships and features athletes planning on taking their athletic careers to college. Hear their stories.

Episode 1: Sportsmanship

Episode 1 discusses the importance of Sportsmanship. Hear students and athletes discuss how they ensure high level of sportsmanship is embedded in all aspects of practice and play.