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Chief Operating Officer

OFFICIAL TITLE: Chief Operating Officer CODE: 0165 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Chief Operating Officer GRADE: NS MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Is responsible for the oversight and integrated management of the Office of Human Resources, and all support services-departments of Association Relations; Facilities Management; Financial Services; Management, Budget, and Planning; Materials Management; Transportation; the divisions of Construction; Food and Nutrition Services; Long-range Planning; Maintenance; School Plant Operations; and the Athletics Unit; Appeals/Transfer Team-as well as other critical functions of the school system. In collaboration with the deputy superintendents, provides organizational leadership to ensure the implementation of the Board of Education's goals and academic priorities and the school system's strategic plan. Develops, directs, coordinates, and maintains an integrated financial program for MCPS including all fiscal operations and long-range planning activity. Serves as the principal advisor to the Board of Education and superintendent in matters related to all fiscal, management, planning and other MCPS support services.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of federal, state, local and Board of Education laws, policies, regulations and procedures relating to financial management and supportive services. Considerable knowledge of sound management principles including continuous improvement (CI) principles, and budget, planning and financial management practices. Demonstrated ability to develop a unified financial management and planning program, with responsibility for developing budget plans and requests, controlling expenditures, and related activities. Ability to coordinate activities of several units providing an extensive array of comprehensive services. Excellent leadership, management, oral and written communications, interpersonal and human relations skills.
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Master's degree from an accredited college or university in business, finance, educational administration or related field. Considerable responsible public school leadership experience including management analysis, budgeting, planning and fiscal management. Doctorate desirable.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) None
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Availability for frequent evening and weekend work


1. Models exemplary leadership strategies for department directors and other staff to emulate in promoting the continuous improvement of MCPS programs and services.

2. Plans, develops, directs, coordinates, and maintains an integrated MCPS financial program in support of the Board of Education and superintendent¿s commitment to unified, effective financial management and long-range planning.

3. Serves as principal advisor to the Board of Education and superintendent in matters related to financial management and planning activities providing direction and oversight regarding the annual operating budget and Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

4. Monitors each of its offices, departments, and division strategic plans to ensure that they are aligned to the MCPS Strategic Plan.

5. Works with each office and department to develop, monitor, and assess short and long-term goals and performance measures.

6. Prepares items for the Board of Education action, discussion, and information relating to schools, procurement, facilities management, budget, materials management, transportation, association relations, and all financial matters.

7. Is responsible for coordinating the development of the superintendent¿s operating and capital budgets and acts as a liaison with the County Council and county government staff on budget and fiscal matters.

8. Through the Office of Human Resources and under the leadership of the associate superintendent, recruits, selects, and works to retain the most qualified and productive employees to serve the diverse needs and quality expectations of the school system to achieve workforce excellence.

9. Through the Department of Facilities Management, coordinates the construction of new schools and the modernization of aging facilities, provides comfortable and clean school facilities, and oversees the maintenance of existing facilities and performance of minor renovations to accommodate changing program needs.

9. In concert with the Department of Transportation, ensures the safe and cost-effective operation of regular and special education bus service for eligible students, including homeless students and students placed in temporary shelters.

10. Through the Department of Materials Management, coordinates the purchase of goods and services, manages the school system's warehouse and distribution network, processes school library media purchases centrally to ensure uniformity, facilitates systematic cataloging of records, and provides nutritious, cost effective meals to students and staff.

11. Through the Department of Association Relations, oversees the enforcement and interpretation of employee contracts.

12. Ensures a sound, fiscally responsible program of employee benefits, including life and health insurance, retirement, and pension programs,

13. Leads in designing and implementing a management analysis program and directs the development of policy guidelines that protect school system resources by helping program managers control expenditures while providing efficient, effective service.

14. Maintains a close working relationship with officials from other agencies such as Montgomery County Government, the Maryland State Department of Education, other school districts, and local, state, and federal governments comparing management and planning practices with those of MCPS and recommending improvements.

15. Meets with community groups to articulate the school system¿s vision, goals, and programs, representing the superintendent in such activities when requested to do so.

16. Serves as a member of the superintendent's Executive Staff and performs related responsibilities as required.

Class Established: 10/99
Date(s) Revised: 2/07
Last Reviewed: 2010

This description may be changed at any time.

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