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Coordinator, Magnet Programs

OFFICIAL TITLE: Coordinator CODE: 0435 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Coordinator, Magnet Programs GRADE: N MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under direction, coordinates and provides leadership for all aspects of planning, developing, and implementing of the magnet program. Additional responsibilities include recruitment of students and staff; publicity for program; supervision of program implementation; scheduling for program staff and students; articulation and evaluation of program implementation and improvement
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Program of Studies, and teacher and supporting services evaluation procedures. Knowledge of magnet curricula, procedures and program requirements. Knowledge of in-service programs, instructional resources, and metropolitan area institutions. Ability to work cooperatively with culturally diverse communities and gifted and talented population. Ability to provide leadership in coordinating the efforts, parents, and students into a successful experience of involvement with this unique program. Excellent skills in oral and written communications, planning and organization, public relations, and human relations.
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelors degree in one or more of the content areas of the magnet program (English, history, foreign languages, communication, media production, math and science). M.A./ any one of the above fields of administration, curriculum, supervision, or gifted and talented education. Experience in development of interdisciplinary programs and curriculum for gifted and talented students. Experience or training in supervision of professional and support staff. Experience in staff development and in-service training (both design and delivery). Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Meets Maryland certification requirements for secondary teacher and Admin I or Secondary Principal and Supervisor or Secondary Special Education principal and supervisor.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) None
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Attendance at evening and weekend student activities, PTA and other meetings, as required.


Manages the development, revision, and implementation of the instructional programs to fulfill MCPS and magnets requirements.
Assesses program needs and coordinates activities for revision according to MCPS procedures with MCPS coordinators, supervisors and directors of educational services.
Designs and provides professional development training for magnet staff.
Conducts informational meetings, testing, special needs testing, screening and selection of students and notification of screening results.
Assists with master schedule to guarantee proper magnet curriculum implementation.
Advises individual students and parents regarding instructionally related concerns, problems, schedules, internships and/or adjustments to new situations.Identifies, monitors, and evaluates new and revised instructional materials, computer equipment and software for the magnet program.
Reviews recent literature, research studies, and reports to continually update program with appropriate modifications.
Serves as liaison to magnet staff for all issues related to special and regular school programs.
Assists in the preparation of special reports on the magnet program.
Develops and implements an in-service plan for staff related to magnet requirements and instructional strategies.
Coordinates transportation arrangements for magnet students.Identifies speakers, teachers, and appropriate educational experiences to strengthen teacher and student performance in magnet program.
Prepares and administers annual budget for the magnet program.
Supervises and evaluates magnet staff, core teachers, participating teachers, secretary, and instructional assistant.
Coordinates all publicity and recruitment activities related to the magnet program.
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Class Established: 2/94, 1/09
Date(s) Revised: 10/95, 8/97, 8/2010, 8/2018
Last Reviewed:

This description may be changed at any time.

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