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Assistant to the Associate Superintendent, Office of the Chief Technology Officer

OFFICIAL TITLE: Asst to Associate Supt CODE: 0450 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Assistant to the Associate Superintendent, Office of the Chief Technology Officer GRADE: N MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under general direction of the associate superintendent, assists in the administration and coordination of the work of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and provides support to the associate superintendent in monitoring and handling responsibilities related to the day-to-day operations in OCTO departments and divisions. Responds to and resolves issues and questions; gathers information needed for executive staff decision making; prepares correspondence and reports in response to requests and carries out directives to manage departments and divisions under the associate superintendent's supervision. Coordinates and plans meetings; develops and monitors budget reports and strategic planning; represents the associate superintendent on advisory and planning committees; prepares recommendations for the associate superintendent; advises the associate superintendent on matters impacting future planning, policies and operational procedures. Aligns the initiatives and deliverables of this office with the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) vision.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of or ability to learn quickly the school system organization, operation and office management. Knowledge of project planning, implementation, and evaluation. Outstanding skills in analyzing issues and solving problems under pressure, in oral and written communications, in interpersonal relationships, and in time management. Knowledge of budgeting and accounts monitoring processes. Knowledge of MCPS initiatives. Knowledge of local, state, and national educational issues, assessments, and priorities. Thorough knowledge of MCPS policies and procedures. Knowledge of staff supervision and principles of administration. Ability to interact on behalf of the associate superintendent with members of the executive staff, directors, principals, other appropriate MCPS staff, and community members. Ability to analyze and draft reports and correspondence related to the mission of the office. Demonstrated ability to work independently to prioritize numerous tasks and meet short deadlines. Ability to incorporate technology when managing job responsibilities. This position requires the knowledge and application of the six leadership standards that have been established for the Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP) Administrative and Supervisory Professional Growth System (MCAAP PGS).
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Master's degree or certification in Administration and Supervision from an accredited college or university. Five years of outstanding teaching and administrative experience or a combination of teaching and other professional experience in which the candidate has demonstrated consistently high quality work, initiative and leadership. Considerable experience in an administrative or leadership position with responsibility for the development of information technology projects. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Maryland state certification for Administrator I or II preferred.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) As required by the duties and responsibilities of the job.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Sometimes frequent night and weekend work for which there is no additional compensation.


Participates in planning for and maintaining the smooth functioning of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO); shares responsibility for OCTO mission. Prepares a variety of correspondence, reports, and other documents; investigates problems or topics; and gathers and analyzes data for the associate superintendent.

Responds to inquiries and requests for information from Board members, principals, staff, and community regarding operational procedures, policies, or issues.

Responds to questions from schools and citizens about instructional technology programs, directing inquiries to appropriate individuals or following up directly.

Responds to correspondence on behalf of Board members, the superintendent of schools, the chief operating officer, and associate superintendent.

Researches, writes, edits, and reviews correspondence and prepares reports for the associate superintendent, chief operating officer and executive staff.

Reviews correspondence assigned to the departments and divisions within OCTO.

Works closely with the department and division directors and their staffs in coordinating activities. Participates in the development of the budget, including the development and review of all of its components, and assists the associate superintendent by providing information for support of budget requests, changes and adjustments from initiation to adoption.

Attends meetings and serves on committees as designated by the associate superintendent.

Promotes positive public relations with MCPS staff, parents, county and community agencies, and the general public; represents the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at various school system and community meetings.

Participates in the development and monitoring from initiation through adoption of the budget providing information that supports budget requests, changes, and adjustments.

Organizes and manages special projects according to the needs of OCTO or MCPS.

Maintains knowledge of Board of Education action pertinent to the operation of the office.

Coordinates the planning activities for the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment program, organizes the program cooperatively with other offices and implements and maintains the MAP-R program for OCTO.

Problem solves and resolves complaints, informing and advising the associate superintendent of imminent problems and issues.

Suggests agenda items for various regularly scheduled meetings; reviews and summarizes materials and meetings.

Updates correspondence for the Principal¿s Handbook.

Serves as liaison to superintendent's and deputies offices.

Performs related work as required.

Class Established: 11/1993
Date(s) Revised: 6/2011
Last Reviewed:

This description may be changed at any time.

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