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Coordinator, Human Relations Compliance

OFFICIAL TITLE: Coordinator CODE: 0660 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Coordinator, Human Relations Compliance GRADE: N MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under direction of the associate superintendent of School Administration, serves as the human relations compliance coordinator for units that oversee and implement the Board of Education Policy ACA, Non-Discrimination, Equity, and Cultural Proficiency Policy, and associated policies and regulations. The coordinator is the central resource for offices and school leadership responsible for monitoring and coordinating the districtwide human relation compliance implementation of state and federally funded education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance as outlined in Title II, Title VI and Title IX. This channel provides a single vehicle for reporting illegal, unethical, or improper conduct and issuing a uniform districtwide response and monitors the step-by-step process to ensure that timelines are met; oversees prevention efforts to avoid civil rights violations from occurring. Engage and encourage central office and school staff, stakeholders, and the greater community to actively participate in building and maintaining a culture of high expectations for students and staff and eliminating institutional inequities.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge and understanding of MCPS five core values: Equity, Respect, Relationships, Learning, and Excellence. Knowledge of federal, state, and local law, regulations, principles, practices, and strategies of Human Relations compliance. Knowledge of the requirements under civil rights laws, regulations, and guidance to advise the district about its policies, procedures, and practices to investigate complaints alleging discrimination. Ability to investigate, mediate, and respond effectively to complaints. Ability to forge positive relationships with staff and community based on transparent, two-way meaningful communications. Skill in communicating and providing engaging adult learning opportunities. Excellent collaborative, interpersonal, and oral and written communication skills. Comprehensive project and process management skills utilizing information technology systems.
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Masters degree from an accredited college or university in educational administration, human resources, supervision, or curriculum development preferred. Five years experience in process management, comprehensive data analysis and data driven decision making; managing projects that require substantial interaction within all levels of an organization and community stakeholders. A minimum of 3 years experience with management and supervisory responsibilities, preferably in a compliance setting. A minimum of two years of progressive experience in a large public school or public sector organization overseeing human relation compliance issues pertaining to implementation of state and federal regulations outlined in civil rights law. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience, which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position, may be considered.
CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Meets Maryland state certification requirements for principals and supervisors or administrator I or comparable experiences.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Some unpaid overtime and night/weekends.


Serves as an expert resource providing district-wide technical support to schools and offices regarding state and federal, and discrimination on the basis of color, religion, national origin and gender regulations.

Directs the cross-office review and response to allegations of non-compliance with Human Relations requirements and areas of concern by deploying resources to resolve, monitor, and analyze human relations compliance incidents, as well as overseeing a district-wide uniform response.

Performs on-going project management functions: Identifies, planning, leading, organizing, managing, and reporting progress and outcomes for high-stakes projects.

Provides professional learning and system-wide technical support to central and school based staff members related to Human Relations compliance.

Collaborates with MCPS offices to coordinate and implement district-wide training on mandatory human relations compliance topics.

Conducts research and identifies potential areas of compliance risk, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel and other staff, to develop and implement action plans for continuous improvement of practices.

Remains abreast of current legislation, legal issues, and requirements of the U.S. Department of Education, the Maryland State Department of Education, and other relevant agencies.

Gathers and analyzes compliance statistics and reports to the associate superintendent of school administration and the appropriate offices.

Mediates, investigates, and engages in proactive problem-solving to identify and resolve human relations complaints by students, parents/guardians and other stakeholders.

Researches resources and information available from Office of Civil Rights, and request technical assistance when needed.

Models respect and values diversity as an essential component of a healthy and thriving school district.

Manages day-to-day operations of the office.

Performs related duties consistent with the scope and intent of the position.

Class Established: 5/2017
Date(s) Revised:
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This description may be changed at any time.

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