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Computer Operations Manager

OFFICIAL TITLE: Computer Operations Mgr CODE: 0716 SQ/OQ: Not Applicable
WORKING TITLE: Computer Operations Manager GRADE: H MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under general direction, plans, assigns, supervises, and coordinates the central data center operations activities. The work of the class involves responsibility for managing all data center operations personnel, all computer hardware that pertains to operations, physical, electrical, environmental and maintenance necessities; installing, testing, evaluating, and recommending hardware and operational software; training, evaluating, advising, and coordinating all data center operations staff, and developing and recommending alternative hardware/software configurations.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Thorough knowledge of the standards, methods, practices, and techniques of program planning, computer scheduling and operational requirements relevant to data center operations facility. Thorough knowledge of diagnosing and solving hardware/software operational problems and in determining course of action required. Thorough knowledge of all operational software currently installed and available to the operating staff. Thorough knowledge of computer room environmental, physical, and electrical requirements. Ability to plan, direct, train, coordinate and supervise the duties of operations personnel to achieve maximum efficiency from the data center and its staff. Ability to follow instructions and procedures for complex computer related projects. Ability to interface between the groups within the department and user departments. Ability to interface with manufacturers' hardware/software/marketing engineers and their representatives for physical, maintenance, and capacity planning. Ability to operate a wide variety of data center related equipment in the event of a staff shortage or emergency. Ability to work under pressure and tight schedules. Good oral and written communications and human relations skills. Knowledge and application of the six leadership standards that have been established for the Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP/MCBOA) Professional Growth System (PGS).
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: Completion of a AA degree program in computer science and operations supplemented by specialized training in operating enterprise servers, high speed printers and related peripheral equipment. Considerable experience in performing and supervising data center operations including supervision of operations staff. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) Ability to stand for extended periods of time; occasionally lift boxes, equipment, etc. weighing 40 pounds; work in an environment of year-round air-conditioning and noisy equipment; read console terminal screens.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Required to be accessible for all three work shifts, except when other agreed upon arrangements are made, and occasional weekends by phone or pager to aid in resolving computer room hardware/software/staffing problems; required to attend offshift staff meetings; required to work during inclement weather conditions and when urgent or emergency work must be performed.


Supervises and coordinates all activities of the data center staff and.facilities for the purpose of performing MCPS information technology services to meet production deadlines and online user requirements. 

Directs training, trains and/or advises new and experienced data center operators about the latest operational software/hardware functions and related techniques, operational procedures, emergency procedures, housekeeping duties and security of related areas.

Maintains staff awareness of changes in all operational procedures, techniques and areas relevant to an efficient and economical operation. 

Analyzes opportunities for improvement in operations, researches the options, and makes recommendations for changes to the director.

Participates in data center design activities with staff from the maintenance and construction departments.

Confers with development, maintenance and technical support programmers and engineers at all times to aid, advise, and/or support their enhancements to the data center's hardware and software.

Directs the maintenance on all data center hardware and environmental equipment to insure maximum utilization and availability with minimum disruption of operations.

Maintains a technical liaison with vendors, hardware/software engineers, and technical representatives.

Maintains a liaison with local data center managers for technical awareness and emergency backup compatibility. 

Participates in the evaluation of the data center operators, and evaluates the data center operations manager under the direction of the division director of systems architecture and operations.

Establishes procedures and standards for: the proper care and operation of all MCPS data center's emergency, environmental, and computer-related equipment; proper storage and handling of computer forms, tapes, and related supplies; security, safety and physical well being of data center and staff. 

Operates MCPS servers and related peripherals for purposes of training, staff shortage, staff vacancy or other emergency reasons.

Upholds all rules and guidelines established by management for a secure, safe, and orderly facility.

Performs other related work as required.

Class Established: 6/73
Date(s) Revised: 8/83, 9/84, 7/92, 6/93, 2/08, 7/08, 11/14
Last Reviewed:

This description may be changed at any time.

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