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Buyers Assistant II, Division of Procurement

OFFICIAL TITLE: Buyer's Assistant II CODE: 4440 SQ/OQ: Senior Qualified
WORKING TITLE: Buyers Assistant II, Division of Procurement GRADE: 14 MONTHS: 12
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under the direction of the senior buyer, performs purchasing duties in connection with planning, coordinating, and obtaining supplies, equipment and services at competitive prices for the operation of schools and offices. Work of the class involves executing purchase orders in accordance with MCPS procurement policies, formal bid procedures, and applicable federal/state laws governing the procurement of goods and services. Workers evaluate purchase requests and determine appropriate bid procedures, prepare bid specifications, change orders, identify sources of supply, initiate the preparation of bid documents and notices, evaluate bids and recommend awards. Confers with contractors, vendor, and their representatives discussing materials, equipment, supplies, services, prices; and evaluates and determines under guidance of senior buyers which combination will best suit the school system's needs. The member will directly supervise one employee and is responsible for his (or her) work in addition to their own work. Work is characterized by large volume and complex evaluation procedures, requiring analysis of life-cycle costs and quantitative analysis skills.
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Must be proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet applications and presentation software programs; database expertise is preferred. Ability to analyze cost proposals in sufficient detail to determine best value for MCPS. Integral team member that helps the division of procurement ensure a smooth functioning team to meet MCPS internal and external customer needs. Must be innovative and receptive to change with skills and the ability to organize, plan, and execute work with minimal supervision. Essential to have the skill and ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, with individuals at many levels within and outside the school system. Ability to supervise, train and counsel staff in the accomplishment of their duties and responsibilities. Knowledge of and the ability to meet the seven core competencies of the Supporting Services Professional Growth System (SSPGS).
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: High School or GED diploma required. Associates degree preferred. One year experience with Oracle purchasing modules, and performing responsible office account work in a busy office environment. Training or courses in typing, basic computer software and hardware. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities; and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) Occasional overtime, some night work and weekend work may be required. Must possess transportation to attend meetings throughout Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan area.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) None.


1. From information submitted by school or office personnel, writes bid solicitations for items to be purchased; edits requisitions from these sources; confers with MCPS officials regarding requirements, specifications, quantity, quality and timely delivery of merchandise, and delivery requirements; recommends alternative items to reduce cost or improve delivery time.

2. Prepares bid invitations; solicits and analyzes quotations for new, nonstandard, or specialized items; confers with supplier representatives to insure full understanding of bid requirements and to keep familiar with new or revised products, price changes, and other information that could materially affect the purchasing of items. Maintains maximum competitive structure to insure most reasonable cost; conducts life-cycle cost analysis to determine costs over the life expectancy of products.

3. Evaluates quotations to insure specifications of bid are met and to determine low bidder; may test or assist in testing supplies and equipment offered by suppliers; makes recommendation concerning awarding of contracts, providing background data when recommending other than the low bidder.

4. Administers contracts and handles adjustments with suppliers involving such things as replacements of material not conforming to specifications, cancellation of orders, and insuring receipt of proper credit; prepares correspondence to suppliers to reconcile discrepancies and for other reasons. Assists in reconciling differences between MCPS and vendors.

5. Researches and recommends improvements to the procurement process (e.g., procurement cards, electronic purchasing, web sites, software). Attends trade association meetings and seminars and may be an active member of related professional associations.

6. Responds to requests, inquires and complaints in both oral and written form that require a response orally or in a written form requiring a high level of professionalism.

7. Performs related work as required.

Class Established: 2/94
Date(s) Revised:
Last Reviewed: 7/2009

This description may be changed at any time.

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