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Cafeteria Manager II 9 mo

OFFICIAL TITLE: Cafe Mgr II 9 mo CODE: 7641 SQ/OQ: Optimal Qualified
WORKING TITLE: Cafeteria Manager II 9 mo GRADE: 14 MONTHS: 09
SUMMARY DESCRIPTION OF CLASSIFICATION: Under supervision of a field manager or food service supervisor, has immediate responsibility for the management and operation of the secondary school cafeteria. Responsible for the management of the school food service programs including on-the-job training, scheduling, supervision, and evaluation of the cafeteria staff. General supervision is received from the school principal or designee; technical supervision is received from the food services supervisor or field manager. Work involves strict adherence to nutrition, sanitation and safety standards. Knowledge of HACCP guidelines for safe food handling from receiving to service. Knowledge of standard sanitation procedures for care and cleaning of kitchen equipment. Knowledge of basic nutrition principles. (NOTE: The cafeteria's gross adjusted revenue from the previous year determines the classification of the cafeteria manager I, II, II or IV. Overall general responsibilities of cafeteria managers at all levels are the same. Specific duties may vary depending upon enrollment, level of participation and diversity of the school student population. In some secondary schools, the cafeteria manager may be directly involved in food production, assigning the more routine duties to the worker(s). In some secondary schools, the cafeteria manager may be more actively engaged in supervision of the staff and less directly involved in food production.)
KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Completion of the MCPS Cafeteria Manager Test at the required score. Strong communication, training and human relations skills to work cooperatively in close proximity with others under constant deadlines. Ability to manage inventory and order food and supplies. Considerable knowledge of large quantity food production and forecasting. Knowledge of HACCP guidelines for safe food handling from receiving to service. Knowledge of standard sanitation procedures for care and cleaning of kitchen equipment. Ability to effectively communicate to meet the needs of all customers: students, school staff and community. Knowledge of free and reduced-price meal benefits guidelines and accountability procedures. Knowledge of financial practices and procedures, including cashiering, bank deposits, and cash accountability. Ability to analyze and utilize data to maintain an efficient and cost-effective cafeteria operation. Considerable knowledge of computer point-of-sale systems. Knowledge of age-appropriate nutrition principles. Effective time management skills. Knowledge of and the ability to meet the seven core competencies of the Supporting Services Professional Growth System (SSPGS).
EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE: High School or GED diploma required. Completion of the appropriate training programs required for the position. Experience in a supervisory or management capacity in a school or other institutional food service setting and in the operation of a variety of commercial food service equipment required. Experience as a school cafeteria worker preferable. Experience working in an elementary school satellite desirable. Considerable experience using Microsoft Office software products desirable. Other combinations of applicable education, training, and experience which provide the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to perform effectively in the position may be considered.
CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a valid Maryland noncommercial Class C drivers license, or equivalent. Current sanitation certification required.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (Special requirements such as lifting heavy objects and frequent climbing.) Ability to perform work requiring sustained moderate physical effort, movement of objects weighing 40-60 pounds, operation of commercial food service equipment, continuous standing and extreme variations in temperature.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Frequent overtime or night work required, etc.) Completion of the MCPS Food Service Satellite Manager Test at the required score. Some overtime may be required. Requires use of personal car, with reimbursement for mileage provided, for daily banking duties. Ability to train cafeteria staff in all areas.


Follows menus prepared by the Division of Food and Nutrition Services and makes menu substitutions with appropriate approval. 

Prepares and serves all components of the National School Meals programs to students and school staff. 

Ensures that meals and snacks meet the required federal, state and local guidelines. 

Maintains food quality and insures adequate food production for service. 

Schedules and supervises cafeteria staff and student workers. 

Trains cafeteria staff in all aspects of cafeteria operations. 

Operates or supervises the operation, cleaning and sanitation of commercial food service equipment. 

Orders appropriate quantities of products based on inventory and sales to avoid shortages or overstock.

Sets up, replenishes and breaks down cold and hot food serving lines. 

Monitors serving lines to determine when additional food production is necessary.

Sets up, replenishes and breaks down carts and other remote serving sites. 

Provides efficient service to student, school staff and others.

Completes daily production records. 

Maintains food and equipment temperature logs. 

Completes computer data entry in a timely manner. 

Prepares bank deposits and delivers deposit to designated bank. 

Maintains accurate financial records. 

Maintains accurate accountability for all National School Meals programs. 

Completes computer data entry in a timely manner. 

Meets student meal participation and sales goals.

Maintains food, labor and other costs within established guidelines. 

Cooperates with various school groups and outside organizations that use the school cafeteria, including planning and supervising the food preparation and service for special events. 

Responsible for catering for school and other MCPS events. 

Positively represents the Division of Food and Nutrition Services to students, school staff and community. 

Performs related duties as required.

Class Established: 7/65
Date(s) Revised: 1/70, 7/71, 9/74, 1/86, 11/89, 7/92, 6/93, 8/93, 10/07, 7/09, 7/12
Last Reviewed:

This description may be changed at any time.

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