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K Math

K Reading

1st 1st Math
What to Expect in Math
Commutative Property of Addition to determine if two sets are equal*
Commutative Property of Addition
Solve Problems Using Commutative Property of Addition
Addition Strategies to Solve Word Problems*
Making 10*
Addition Strategies 
Using a Numberline for Addition
Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations
Subtraction of unknown addends
Related addition and subtraction equations

1st Reading


2nd 2nd Math
2nd Grade Math Resources
Adding within 100 Using Place Value Understanding*
Math Parent Guide (PDF)
Counting by Tens and Ones to Solve Two Digit Addition Problems
Solving Two Digit Addition Using Place Value

2nd Reading
English Language Arts Parent Guide (PDF)

 Other Resources
PTA Parents Guide to Success 
Grade 2 Common Core Standards 
3rd 3rd Math
Two-Step Problems - using letters for unknown*
Expanded Algorithm (screencast)
Partial Sums (screencast)
Subtraction with Compensation (screencast)
Patterns in Multiplication 

3rd Reading
 Using Context Clues* 

4th 4th Math
Partial Product Strategy
Division Word Problems:Partial Quotients 
Multiply 2 digist by 1 digit Numbers: Partial Product 

4th Reading

5th 5th Math
 Fractions by a Whole Number 
Multiply a Fraction by a Fraction: Bar Model
Multiply a Fraction by a Fraction: Area Model

5th Reading 



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