Applied Educational Leadership Program (AEL)   (Formerly known as HOSTS Interns)


 JR SMith

Room 159

Coordinator, AEL

Athletic Director


College and Career Seminars




 The Applied Educational Leadership (AEL) course is newly created and designed for students in Grade 11 or Grade 12 who are on track to graduate on or ahead of time.  Students are approved and assigned to work with school staff to build and apply skills in communication, organization, collaboration, and leadership through service and work-based experiences while supporting peers and school-based staff.  Under the direction of the approved staff member, students will keep a daily log/journal, write weekly reflections, and submit/present a final report at the end of the semester.  the AEL course is an in-school leadership experience and allows students to earn 0.5 elective course credit or 5 Student Service Learning (SSL) hours. 

 Requirements for AEL:

  •  Register in the AEL Google Classroom to be able to: 
  •  Submit weekly logs capturing your work with students 
  •  Submit any assigned work from the required monthly meetings 
  •  Complete a quarterly reflection 


Grading (done by the Coordinator):

  • 25% from work submitted to Google Classroom 
  • 75% from the evaluation completed by the teacher you are supporting 


 Prospective AEL Students for 2018-19: If you are interested in the AEL program for the 2018-19 school year, please join this google classroom and complete the application form.  The google classroom code is wy1jlf9.  If you have questions about the Google Classroom account, please contact Mr. Smith at  


 Mr. Smith will then do the following: 

  •  view your application,    
  •  inform your counselor of the application and class assignment 
  • invite you into the AEL Google Classroom 

 The counselor will complete the necessary course changes.

  •  You will be contacted by the counselor to get your revised schedule. 
  •  You are expected to remain in your original class until the counselor contacts you.