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ABC-CLIO World At WarABC Am Gov ABC Am Gov Annals of American History 

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EBSCO AutoStar Icon EBSCO Auto Repair Reference Center  

EBSCO Auto Star Icon EBSCO History Reference Center 

EBSCO Auto Star Icon EBSCO Masterfile Premier 

EBSCO Auto Star Icon EBSCO Student Research Center 

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Britannica Star Icon  Britannica Global Reference Center  

Britannica Star Icon  Britannica Online Academic Edition 

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Britannica SNN Star Icon  Britannica Student NewsNet 

World Data Analyst Star Icon Britannica World Data Analyst Issues Star Icon Facts on File: Issues & Controversies World News Star Icon Facts on File World News Digest 

    Gale Cengage Star Icon Gale Literature Resource Center 

Gale Cengage Star Icon Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context 

Science Resource Center Star Icon Gale Science in Context 

Student Resource Center Star Icon Gale Student Resources in Context 

Thomson Gale Star Icon Gale U.S. History in Context 

Gale Star Icon Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks 

Thomson Gale Star Icon Gale World History in Context 

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Lit Finder Star Icon Litfinder 

Noodle Tools Star Icon NoodleTools 

Novelist Star Icon NoveList 

Oxford AASC Star Icon Oxford African American Studies Center 

Proquest Learning: Lit.  Star Icon   Proquest Learning Literature 

Proquest Platinum Star Icon Proquest Platinium   (for home use)

Sailor Star Icon Sailor Maryland´s Public Information Network 

Decades (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Decades 

Discoverer (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Discoverer 

Government Reporter (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Government Reporter 

Interactive Citizenship Series (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Interactive Citizenship Series 

Researcher (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Issues Researcher 

SIRS Knowledge Source Star Icon SIRS Knowledge Source 

Search portal for the SIRS databases: Government Reporter; Renaissance; Researcher; WebSelect; Interactive Citizenship Series on government, world affairs, and economics; Discoverer; and, Decades

Renaissance (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS Renaissance 

WebSelect (SIRS) Star Icon SIRS WebSelect 


Webster's Star Icon Webster's New International Dictionary