The recommendation was made in late March for MCPS to move away from 2.0.  On April 13th, MCPS issued the RFP for a new curriculum to replace 2.0 and on May 15th, the process of reviewing the proposals will begin.  


To assist the stakeholders in the review and ensuring the curriculum selected meets the needs of our vast county, PLEASE RESPOND to the link below giving MCPS feedback. MCPS is looking for feedback from a wide range of stakeholders -- students, parents, teachers, school-based support, administrators, central office, etc.!


MCPS has set up a webpage that provides more information on the curriculum conversation for those interested.   From this page, you can read the history of the curriculum review, read the report on 2.0, see the implementation timeline, and more!


Cynthia Simonson

MCCPTA VP of Educational Issues

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