2018-19 Student Course Registration Timeline

The articulation process for students in grades 9, 10, and 11, and in-coming 9th graders, will occur during January and February 2018.  Below are the dates for the various stages of the student course registration timeline: 

  • Teacher Recommendations:  Teachers will complete recommendations online during the week of January 8th through 12th
  • Pre-registration:  Counselors will visit students by grade level during English classes on: 

Ø  Tuesday, January 16th – 11th grade

Ø  Wednesday, January 17th – 10th grade

Ø  Thursday, January 18th – 9th grade

·         In-coming 9th Grade Parent Night and Upperclassmen/AP Fairon Wednesday, January 24th from 6:30 pm – 8:40 pm.  Immediately following an information session in the auditorium (7:00 pm – 7:30 pm), we will hold four ten-minute breakout sessions (held in classrooms) for parents and students to attend.  Resource teachers and identified staff members will showcase their subject areas.  The breakout sessions will run from 7:40 pm - 8:35 pm.  An AP Fair will be running in the cafeteria from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm showcasing Magruder’s Advanced Placement program. 


·         Pre-registration for 8th graders: Counselors and Resource Teachers will visit Redland and Shady Grove on Tuesday, January 30th to explain the registration process, course offerings and academy programs to all 8th grade students.


·         Registration for 8th graders: Magruder counselors will assist with the student online course registration:

Ø  Shady Grove Middle School on Thursday, February 1st

Ø  Redland Middle School on Friday, February 2nd

  • Registration:  Counselors will assist students with their on-line course registration using chrome books during Social Studies classes on:

Ø  Monday, February 5th – 11th grade (Modern World/AP World classes)

Ø  Wednesday, February 7th – 10th grade (NSL/AP NSL classes)

Ø  Thursday, February 8th – 9th grade (US/AP US classes)