Media Center

The mission of the Paint Branch High School Media Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of information. The Media Specialist acts as a facilitator to provide individual guidance and formal instruction so that students learn to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources.


The Media Center is open from 7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Students Studying in the Media CenterThe Media Center contains resources selected to support the instructional program. Because of that focus, the Media Center will often have more resources on curriculum topics than another library and students are encouraged to begin their research here. The Media Center has an extensive collection of print and nonprint resources and is connected by telecommunications to other sources throughout the world.

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Students in Media CenterTo succeed in a rapidly changing world, students must be able to do more than read, write, and memorize facts. Critical thinking skills and the ability to acquire, evaluate, and manipulate information will be vital. The Media Specialist teaches search strategies such as key word and Boolean logic used for CD-ROM and on-line databases, prepares students to evaluate the accuracy and relevancy of sources, and helps students plan and produce multimedia presentations. At Paint Branch, information skills are taught in sequence according to a plan developed jointly by the Media Specialist and the classroom teacher. Instruction is presented before a related assignment is given so that research skills are integrated into the curriculum.


The circulation system is computerized. Students are expected to learn their student ID numbers, which they enter into the keypad when checking out materials.


  • Books - 2 weeks
  • Reference Books - Overnight
  • Equipment - Overnight, Parental permission form must be on file.
  • Audiovisual equipment is loaned to students for class assignments and other school activities. Overnight loan requires an Equipment Loan Form signed by the student, a parent, and the teacher of assignment

School Library Media Programs (SLMP)

The department of School Library Media Programs (SLMP) offers students, parents, and MCPS personnel, a number of resources right at their finger tips via Internet and all the library locations within the system. These resources include online databases, school catalogs, and homework help for students.


Students can create dynamic presentations incorporating video, sound, text, and graphics to communicate the results of their research in an exciting and effective manner. Students become actively engaged in their own learning while authoring multimedia presentations. They acquire critical thinking skills and learn to work cooperatively. The Paint Branch Media Center provides opportunity, training, and equipment to make multimedia presentations part of the instructional program.

Multimedia Production

STudents working in the Media CenterMultimedia production stations are available for Windows users. We have a full range of Microsoft Office and associated programs, which Windows allows students and staff to prepare presentations incorporating pictures, video, sound, and text.

Specialized equipment is provided to support multimedia through Global Access. QuickTime and FlexCam cameras allow digitized video and photographs to be included in presentations. Scanners are available to transfer images from printed sources into computer presentations. Graphics programs can be used to convert images to various formats. Dan Burgos, Media Technician, in the Media Center for help by email or calling 301-989-5620.

Media Center staff and Paint Branch students maintain an electronic bulletin board that airs throughout the day. Student's media products - video, audio, and multimedia - appear regularly on the closed circuit system throughout the building.

Digital Portfolios

Students maintain portfolios of their academic, career, and extracurricular experiences and save text, graphics, video, and audio info over their four-year careers. Media Center staff work with classroom teachers and students to assist in this process.

Learning Research Hub

Media Center Computer StationThe Learning Research Hub is a computer network with 72 workstations and 4 file servers. The Hub contains indexes, full-text sources, SAT preparation software, and the catalog of materials located in the Media Center. The information on the Learning Research Hub can be accessed from any workstation in the Media Center, from the computer labs throughout the building, and from classrooms with Windows-based workstations.