The due dates for permission slips are as follows:

8th grade permission slips for Kings Dominion are due Wednesday, May 23.

7th grade permission slips for Climbzone are due Wednesday, May 30.

6th grade permission slips for Rockin' Jump are due Friday, May 25.

Please send permission slips in as soon as possible and no later than the due date.  Again if you are experiencing financial hardship, please send in the permission slip as soon as possible and a brief note requesting financial assistance for part or all of the cost.  

 Permission Slips:

6th grade trip

7th grade trip

8th grade trip


If you have any questions, please contact the team leaders for your grade-level.

8th Grade:

Ms. Kate Connolly, 

Mr. Joe Davis, 

7th Grade:

Mr. Randy Gruber,

Mr. Daniel Herschler,

6th Grade:

Mr. John Butler,

Ms. Laura Corvelli,


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