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Summer Reading 2019


  • Fall 2019 Senior Class Parking Permit Application

    Please review the following  Parking Permit Regulations Complete the Online Application  and return the printed and SIGNED email confirmation attached to all documentation required in that confirmation message to the school by Wednesday, August 21, 2019. Hard copies of the application are also available in the

  • Freshmen - Class of 2023 Shirts for Sale

    Class of 2023 Shirts. Sales will start on 8/12 and will end on 9/17 at midnight.  http://sprigg.org/woottonstore/shirts/

  • 2019-2020 Regular Bus Routes

    Letter to Parents - Bus Routes Bus - Regular Arrivals Bus - Regular Departures

  • 2019-2020 MCPS Back to School Fair

    2019-2020 MCPS Back to School Fair

  • Important Upcoming Dates: Summer & Fall 2019

    Important Upcoming Dates: Summer & Fall 2019

  • 2019 Graduation Pictures order information

    https://events.lifetouch.com/eventHomepage.aspx?EventID=164272       Call 1-800-445-1189 with any questions Order deadline: 9/29/19

  • Senior Class of 2020 Graduation Information

    Senior Class of 2020 Graduation Information Information will be added as updates to the Senior Class Information page, accessible from the left-hand side menu of the Wootton website throughout the year.

  • CAPPS, AB + BC Calc, MVC - Summer Math Documents

    Summer 2019 Documents for those students who will be taking CAPPS, AB Calc, BC Calc, or MVC next year. Letter to Parents Instructions for Setting Up Deltamath

  • AP Lang and AP Lit Summer Reading Assignment

    All students taking AP Lang or AP Lit in the fall must complete the summer reading assignment by the start of the 2019-20 school year. Please email Mr. Hitchens at  Nicholas_B_Hitchens@mcpsmd.org with any questions. Happy reading!        2019 AP Lit Summer Assignment  2019 AP Lang Summer Assignment -

  • Summer College Readiness Workshops

    The College Readiness workshops are an important introduction to the College Application process.  The College and Career Center will be sponsoring several workshops throughout July and August. These workshops cover everything from Finding the Right College Fit to the Ins and outs of Financial Aid. These workshops are only for Rising Seniors at this time. If space permits, workshops will be opened up to Rising Juniors too.

  • Summer Reading Registration Now Open!

      Register today - groups are first-come-first serve and may fill up quickly! http://woottonsummerreading.org/ 

  • The Wootton Weekly

    Check out Wootton's new weekly newsletter for upcoming events, news, and shout outs! Do you have a shout out, success story, kudos, highlight, or otherwise good news about Wootton students or staff? Submit your shout out for possible inclusion in Wootton's new weekly newsletter, the Wootton Weekly. Have you snapped an amazing photo of a Wootton event or Wootton students? Submit it for the Wootton Weekly and the Wootton Website!

  • 2019 Wootton High School Summer Institute Program

      Enrollment for the Wootton High School Summer Institute program is now open. ( This is  NOT  the same as Regional Summer School. Please refer to the MCPS website for regional summer school classes .  We also do not offer any online classes through our program – refer to the MCPS website for e-learning sum

  • Wootton Wellness Warriors

    Do you want to make a difference in the Wootton community?   Watch the  video -  Wootton Wellness Warriors  (Video)   Sign up to be a Wellness Warrior  The online application will be available on mymcps classroom and the Wootton website,  sign up if you are passionate about making a

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