Fourth Grade Center for Highly Gifted


The curriculum of the Center for Highly Gifted is developed by the Department for Accelerated and Enriched Instruction. The fourth grade curriculum involves integrated units of the themes of adaptation and immigration. We also fully implement the William and Mary Autobiographies curriculum during the third quarter. 


Any questions or comments, please feel free to email Ms. Fritschler or Miss Murray. 


A Day in the Life....




Each morning we start with Math. Students have the opportunity to be enrolled in Math 4, Math 5, Math 6, or Math 7 in our program. Each night there is 30 minutes of assigned Math homework. If students finish early, they should use the time to review daily notes from class, vocabulary terms, or basic facts. 


Social Studies and Science


Our Social Studies units include studies into geography, Native Americans, immigration, colonization and government. Specifically we study the ideas of culture, how geography impacts settlements and people, and the reasons why immigration take place.   


Science consists of studies in earth science, life science, and physical science.  More specifically we study the ecosystems, pollution and the Chesapeake Bay, States of Matter and Chemistry, and Rocks and Minerals 




Reading is a combination of novel studies and anthology readers.  Like every fourth grader, we study the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, mystery, biographies, and autobiographies.  We also have two anthologies that we read from.  These are a selection of short stories, essays, and articles directly relating to our social studies (in quarter 2) and science (in quarter 1) curriculum. During quarter 3, we fully implement the William and Mary curriculum that has been designed for the Highly Gifted and Able Learner.  This is an 18 week unit with intensive focus on reading and writing.  We complete the units in an in-depth study of about 9 weeks.  




Writing class emphasizes the 6 traits of writing as well as the writing process.  We use these strategies as we study personal narratives, informative pieces and research papers, autobiographies, and poetry. 




Ms. Fritschler’s class attends Music (Mondays), Art (Tuesdays), and PE (Wednesdays).  Every other Friday is a media lesson in the library; however, there will be a time for book exchange in the media center every Friday afternoon. 


Miss Murray’s class attends Art (Mondays), Music (Tuesdays), and PE (Wednesdays).  Every other Friday is a media lesson in the library; however, there will be a time for book exchange in the media center every Friday afternoon. 


Lights, Camera, OPERA!



Fox Chapel Elementary, the Washington National Opera, and Creating Original Operas continue their partnership in this exciting opportunity that integrates all academic areas into the musical event of the year! Fourth grade students have the opportunity to write, compose, direct, build, create, design, and electrify the stage at their very own opera. Students begin the year learning about opera jobs and forming the company. In December, students apply for jobs and the Opera production begins. Teams of students take part in writing the script, composing the music, designing the costumes, lighting the stage, building and designing the sets, acting out the parts, and creating publicity for this exciting experience. This year celebrates their 12th anniversary opera performance!  


Please check out more information about the program and links to some of the resources and websites we use here:

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S.O.S Storm of Survival, A Hurricane of an Opera 






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