Enriched and Accelerated Courses in Selected Middle Schools

As part of the middle school magnet field test, every fifth grader in the Takoma Park and Eastern middle schools magnet programs catchment area was centrally reviewed for potential to access enriched and accelerated instruction.  The following middle schools are part of the catchment:  Benjamin Banneker, Briggs Chaney, William H. Farquhar, Robert Frost, Herbert Hoover, Cabin John, Francis Scott Key, Col. E. Brooke Lee, Newport Mill, Rosa Parks, North Bethesda, Thomas W. Pyle, Silver Creek, Silver Spring International, Sligo, Tilden, Julius West, Westland, Earle B. Wood, White Oak, and the Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) schools: Arygle, A. Mario Loeiderman, and Parkland.


Based on the results of the central review process, significantly more students surfaced demonstrating the potential to thrive with enriched and accelerated instruction. While some students were invited to attend the magnet, based on the data, many more demonstrated an instructional need for enriched and accelerated instruction.   In order to address the increased need, new enriched and accelerated courses modeled after the instructional approaches and curriculum implemented in the Humanities and Communications and Math, Science, and Computer Science magnet programs are being implemented at local middle schools.


Course offerings will begin with the 2018–2019 school year and include mathematics and humanities.    Decisions regarding the number of courses offered at each school will be monitored and finalized based on student enrollment and performance data.   All middle schools in the catchment area will implement one or both courses with the exception of the three MSMC schools.  MSMC schools are whole-school magnets with enrichment and acceleration opportunities embedded in the programs.    School staff in the field test catchment area will receive professional learning, consultation on master scheduling, and central services support.


Below you will find course descriptions: 

Applied Investigations into Mathematics (IM) 6
This course is designed to extend students’ understanding of mathematical concepts aligned with the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards, accelerating the pace of instruction while diving deeper into concepts at an equal level of intensity. This is much more than an accelerated mathematics course as the program offers access to many academic competitions and the opportunity to conduct fieldwork.  Students work with an academic cohort to conduct independent inquiries using mathematics, computer science, and the scientific process to solve real-world problems.

Historical Inquiry into Global Humanities 6
This course is built around the core Grade 6 social studies curriculum that includes historical content from early civilizations, the empires of Greece and Rome, the dynasties of China, and civilizations of the first millennium. Cohort students will go beyond this core however as they learn additional content, explore deeper connections to today, engage in investigative inquiry to strengthen their writing through Document Based Questions, and enhance their learning through relevant literature connections. 

Grade 5 students whose parents had opted them out of testing for the middle school magnet programs also are being considered for the enriched and accelerated courses.  Middle school principals are reviewing their incoming Grade 6 student data and notification of individual student placements will be sent to parents in early April.


For questions about programming, parents may contact Accelerated and Enriched Instruction, 240.740.3110.  After individual placement notifications occur in April, questions about course(s) availability, sections, and scheduling may be directed to your middle school principal.


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