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Scholarships & Financial Aid... recent updates!

 NWHS Jaguar Paw Financial Aid:  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) | CSS Profile  (Application used by colleges and scholarship programs to award non federal aid)

 NWHS Jaguar Paw Information regarding Maryland Senatorial and Delegate scholarships can also be found on the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) web site by clicking the links noted for each. Northwest seniors residing in MD District 39 should also watch the JAG 'Apply Now' Scholarship Bulletin for specific instructions regarding scholarships for that district.  To determine your legislative district visit mdelect.net.

Scholarships... current month postings & reminders!  

Scholarship opportunities are published below in the order they are received.  Download the complete JAG Scholarship 'Apply Now' Bulletin here and look for the red-arrow to indicate a new publication.  The Bulletin lists all opportunities with deadlines through August 2018.   | 7 March 18 |   

New Scholarship Post StudentScholarships.org posts new scholarships!  Click here to access the latest newsletter publication. Deadline dates thrugh 2019. | web post 7 June 18 |

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by July 31 for the $2500 Cirkled Scholarship - no lengthly essay or GPA requirement.  Eligibility requires the student be at least 13 years of age!  Open to students in grades 9-12.  The $2500 scholarship can be applied to any educational need, such as tuition, books, transportation or even housing.  For application, students create a FREE account on cirkledin.com and share in 3 sentences "What was the best summer you've ever had?".  To apply, visit cirkledin.com/scholarshipThe application deadline is July 31 with notification by September 15. | web post 4 June 18 | 

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by November 30 for the Guardian Protection Services Annual Scholarship!  Open to all students who are pursuing a field that promotes safety, protection, security, technology, home and building automation, IoT, or cybersecurity.  To apply, students will use the "Stories" feature on Instagram to tell Guardian Protection Services how the technology in their lives could be even smarter than it is today.  A total of 10 students will be awarded $1,001, one student in each state where Guardian has an office (DE, FL, IN, MD, NJ, NC, OH, PA, TX).  Winners will be contacted in writing by email within six weeks after the deadline.   To apply, visit guardianprotection.com.  The application deadline is November 30. | web post 4 June 18 |

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by September 15 for the Montgomery County Chapter, Bowie State University Alumni Association Scholarship!  Recently submitted applications may be considered for fall (May 15 deadline).  Applicant must have acceptance to Bowie State and plan to attend during the 2018-2019 school year.  Required 2.5 minimum GPA.  Interviews may be required.  Click here to download the application.  The application deadline for spring semester at Bowie State is September 15. | web post 17 May 18 |

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by June 30 for the $500 Sickle Cell Scholarship offered by the Sickle Cell Association of the National Capital Area (SCANCA), Inc. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior with Sickle Cell Disease, living in the Washington DC area.  A letter from doctor/nurse or social worker verifying Sickle Cell Disease is required.  Copy of transcript is required.  Two letters of recommendation and 500-word essay required.  To apply, visit www.scancainc.org.  A link to the scholarship application can be found in the "News" section of the page.  The application deadline is June 30. | web post 4 May 18 |  

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by July 7 for the Herb Block ScholarshipApplicant must be a graduating high school senior planning to attend community college (Community College of the District of Columbia, Montgomery College, Northern Virginia Community College, Prince George's Community College).  This scholarship awards up to $8,000 per year to cover tuition, fees, books, and limited transportation and child care expenses.  Applicant must be a US citizen/national, Permanent Resident, or Maryland Dreamer.  Click on the Herb Block link above to apply.  The deadline for application is July 7 for fall semester | November 10 for spring semester. | web post 2 May 18 |  

NWHS Jaguar Paw VOLT Lighting $500 STEM Scholarship!  Two opportunities to apply!  Apply by July 31 or December 31Open to students planning to enroll in a STEM-related degree program, currently enrolled in a STEM-related degree program or open to students of which their parents work in a STEM industry.  To apply students will answer one of six essay topics.  Click here for more information!  The application windows are April 1 - July 31 and September 1 - December 31.  Scholarship selections are made one week following each deadline. | web post 27 April 18 |

NWHS Jaguar Paw Apply by July 31 for hundreds of scholarship opportunities through the Montgomery College FoundationApplicant must plan to attend Montgomery College in the fall following graduation.  A valid MC ID number is required to apply.  Visit montgomerycollege.academicworks.com to apply.  The deadline for application is July 31. | web post 17 April 18 |

NWHS Paw Print Apply by June 29 for The Ethiopian Heritage ScholarshipApplicant must be a graduating high school senior.   Sponsored by the Chaikin, Serman, Cammarata, @ Siegel, the Ethiopian Heritage Scholarship Fund is geared towards supporting newly emigrated Ethiopian families and their children in pursuit of postsecondary education.  To apply visit www.chaikinandsherman.com/Ethiopian-Heritage-ScholarshipThe deadline for application is June 29. | web post 5 April 18 |

 For a complete list of scholarship opportunities available at your high school, download the Complete JAG 'Apply Now' Scholarship Bulletin using the link at the top of this page.  

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Additional Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources:

  • The Northwest Scholarship Processing Form  
  • The Northwest JAG Scholarship Forecast Bulletin.  Preview the scholarship opportunities that may come to your high school. 
  • The Official FAFSA web site (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • The CSS Profile web site  (Application used by colleges and scholarship programs to award non federal aid)
  • The Maryland Higher Education Commission web site for Maryland aid, including information on the Pell Grant and Guaranteed Access Grant
  • Montgomery College bound students with a plan to transfer to the Universities at Shady Grove.  Available USG scholarships.  Montgomery College available scholarships Academic Works portal.  

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 Financial Aid Programs & Scholarship Workshops: 

  • Each MCPS high school will host a Financial Aid Seminar.  Information presented will be most relevant to the Class of 2018.  For a list of high schools and seminar dates, visit the MCPS College Career Information website.  The Northwest seminar was held on September 26.

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