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PB Eclectic Steppers Perform at Strathmore with Step Afrika!PBHS Eclectic Steppers


 The PBHS Step Team "Eclectic Steppers" performed in front of an audience of 1,700 people at the Strathmore music hall on Sunday, for the Step Afrika Step Xplosion show. They were the only Montgomery county team at this showcase of the best step teams  in the nation. They performed with Step Afrika-- the world's #1 dance company dedicated to the art of step. They have performed all over the world, including the White House, Broadway, Africa, Europe and so much more. They were honored to be selected to share the stage with them.  



Each team performed their own set, and joined Step Afrika for a finale step. The Eclectic Steppers chose female empowerment as their theme, It was especially beautiful performing this on the exact 1 year anniversary of the Women's march on Washington, as well as 1 day after the 2018 Women's march. As soon as they stepped on stage, the crowd went wild when they heard "Montgomery County's very own, Paint Branch Eclectic Steppers." It felt amazing to have the support of fellow Montgomery County residents in a hometown venue. 


They were also the youngest team to perform, as the other professional teams have 20+ years of experience in stepping, and our team is not yet 3 years old. These girls have never stepped prior to joining this team, and some joined in November! The program has made quite the accomplishment in such a short time frame and is truly grateful to have support from the PB community. The team is led by PB alumnae who volunteer their time as coaches, and want to as said by Coach Eniayo Olawoye give back to these young ladies what Paint Branch gave to us [them]." The smiles on the girls faces when they left the stage is something all in attendance will never forget... following them forever as an amazing memory they experienced while attending Paint Branch.  


The team was followed by a film crew from Montgomery County media, who filmed most of the day. The footage and interview with Montgomery County magazine will be shared once posted. 


Additional footage posted via twitter: @PB_EclecticStep