Learning, Accountability and Results Data Dashboards

Evidence of Learning

A Commitment to Learning, Accountability and Results

Improving teaching and learning is at the core of our work. To do this, MCPS staff must focus on learning, accountability, and results. Improving teaching and learning of literacy and mathematics ensures that all students not only have a solid foundation across all content areas but also possess the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to be college and career ready. We must monitor our students’ progress carefully and respond accordingly.

Monitoring all students’ progress during their Learning Journey requires that we focus on critical questions:

MCPS employs a multiple measures approach to answer these questions as students move through the critical milestone levels – primary to intermediate, intermediate to middle school, middle school to high school, and high school to their future. With the goal of College and Career Readiness for all of our students, the use of multiple measures assures that monitoring students’ achievement includes classroom and district measures, as well as achievement on external measures such as MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), PARCC, ACT, and SAT. Continuous monitoring of students’ progress ensures that students have timely support, focused interventions, acceleration, and enrichment.

READINESS data currently are available at the district level and for grade levels 2, 5, 8 and 11. Individual school data as compared to district-level data.