The staff, students, parents, and community of Albert Einstein High School will work together to build constructive relationships, provide a rigorous, relevant program of studies, and cultivate an environment of respect and responsibility, empowering students to become productive contributing members of society.

Daily Announcements

  • 11/18/16

        •Good Morning Titans, •Today is FRIDAY November 18th and we are on the set of "Skin of our teeth"! S-A-T WORD OF THE DAY:   Maxim a short, concise, wise saying   The maxim "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" is good advice for those studying for the SAT/ACT test.

  • 10/27/16

      •Good Morning Titans, •Today is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27th ! S-A-T WORD OF THE DAY:   Amulet (Am-You-Let)   an ornament or small piece of jewelry   She wore an amulet that had supposedly given her grandmother mystical powers of intuition.   Titans, do you have an interest in th

  • 10/20/16

      •Good Morning Titans, •Today is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20th !   S-A-T WORD OF THE DAY:   Mitigate To relieve, lessen, alleviate   The government has done very little to mitigate the suffering of America's homeless   Attention all Academy of Finance students, we have a new club