Welcome to Fallsmead ES  --

Principal: Roni S. Silverstein

Assistant Principal:  Aara L. Davis-Jones


Main Office Phone Number: (240) 740-3550


Regular School Hours 9:00 A.M. - 3:25 P.M.

Early Release Hours 9:00 A.M. - 12:55 P.M on 10/6/17, 11/9/17, 11/10/17,11/17/17, 11/22/17, 1/25/18, 3/2/18, 4/9/18, and 6/13/18



Our VISION Statement:

At Fallsmead we believe in and are committed to the highest level of academic, social and emotional achievement of all students.

Our MISSION Statement:

As a collaborative community of students, staff and parents, we will foster a learning environment driven by high expectations which provide opportunities for learning that ensure engagement, excitement and enrichment through respect for all cultures and build relationships between the community, staff and students.First Day of School Staff Picture 2017

First Day of School Staff Picture

FES in front of school spring flowers 































 List of iPad Apps we are using in the classroom. 


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Quick Notes

Upcoming Events

Fri, October 6
Early release day for all students


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