Magruder High School Counseling Services 

Phone: 301-840-4614




Magruder High School counselors serve as advocates for our students. Using a proactive approach, we support and assist our students academically, socially, and in post secondary planning. In collaboration with the Magruder learning community, our students are encouraged to reach their highest potential in becoming well-rounded citizens. 


Counseling Services Staff:    

Ms. Nancy Fiallo    A- CHA

Dr. Karen Crews  CHE-DI (Resource Counselor) 

Mrs. Valerie Toole   DJ - HI

Ms. Ruth Ragsdale    HO - MARR

Mr. Timothy Rossini   MARS- PAR 

Mrs. Denise Schaefer   PAS - SM 

Mr.  Ravon Austin    SN – Z 


Registrar – Mrs. Patricia Ridgway  

Secretary – Mrs. Roxanne Plummer  

College and Career Information Coordinator – Mrs. Heidi Garland  


 How to make an appointment with your counselor? 


 Magruder counseling services has an open door policy for students before and after school and during lunch. At other times, an appointment is needed unless you have an emergency. To make an appointment, drop by the counseling office and see Mrs. Hoover, the counseling services secretary.  




You may also contact your counselor by phone (301 840-4614) or on line. Counselor email addresses are as follows:  








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