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World Languages

Department Head: Mrs. Maria Solernou
Department Phone: 301-610-8030

Host Families needed to host high school students from France and Spain for a short term fall or summer or program. This is a wonderful and enriching opportunity to learn about the culture of these countries. The students are coming to learn about life in the US, practice speaking English, and become friends with their host family, especially their host brothers and sisters. As this is a friendship based program, an invitation to visit France or Spain or is often extended.  


For more information please email Steven Hancock at steventhancock@gmail.com, or call 301-728-1325. 



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  • Prepare students for a productive life in a global society
  • Expose students to different viewpoints
  • Instill in students the passion for learning about other countries, other cultures
  • Inspire students to become lifelong learners and continue to learn languages after high school

World Languages Staff

List of staff and teaching assignments 


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