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There are many clubs and activities to be involved in at Wootton. Check out the right-hand-side menu for SGA, Honors Societies, Publications, and Patriot Ambassadors. Look below for other clubs and activities!


SGA's Full List of Clubs:

 2018-2019 Clubs Booklet 

Additional Clubs Outside of the SGA's List:

Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union (BSU) strives to unify black students in promoting their culture, history, and academic and social interests in an effort to increase awareness in the greater Wootton community about the richness of the diverse student body.

What we do:
The BSU organization encourages WHS students to strive for success in school by providing opportunities that will promote academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month in the Media Center.

Contact Email:


Cross Age Teaching of Science (C.A.T.S.) is an organization that allows high school students to teach science to elementary school students. Groups of Wootton High School students visit local feeder schools, once or twice a month, to perform science experiments/demonstrations for first, second, or third graders. The demo is followed by a discussion of what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. The demonstrations help students learn and practice leadership skills and connect with the local community while also helping young children get a peek into more complex, scientific concepts through a fun visual and interesting discussion. We meet monthly in Mrs. Peth's room.
Sponsor: Nancy Peth

Color Guard (Flags)

The WHS Flags is a Color Guard and Winter Guard. We perform at school football games and participate in performances around the region.
Sponsor: Carolyn Herman

Homework Club

Homework Club meets in Room 182 from 2:30pm to 4:00 pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Lost Dogs and Cats Club

Sponsor: Ms. Moomau

Robotics Club

We build and program Lego NXT robots to help teach people about robotics. Every year, we compete in the ION Mini Urban Challenge, which is a robotics competition in which robots must navigate a miniature city while staying on the roads, following speed limits, stopping at stop signs and parking in the specified parking spaces. Members also compete in intramural line following and sumo bot competitions. This year, we hope to build a robot swarm.
Sponsor: Dr. Hirsch

Rotary Interact Club

Rotary Interact Club meets once a week in Mr. Dickel's room to organize community service projects. Those projects have included collecting bicycles for third world countries, fund raising to support polio vaccinations worldwide, sandwich making for our local homeless, visiting hospitals and nursing homes. In addition to helping others who need help, members have opportunities to participate in leadership training activities that are supported by our sponsoring club, Potomac Rotary. The name "Interact" is a combination of the words "International" and "action," which provides some understanding of the scope of the Interact Program throughout the world. We also reach out to the community through service events.
Sponsor: Melanie Moomau

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