• Parent Letter regarding a phone scam impacting our community

    In the last week, multiple MCPS families have been targeted by what is known as a virtual kidnapping scam.  Please read the letter for further information and guidance to avoid becoming a victim of this scam. We will also be sending a copy of the letter home with each student on 2/16/17.

  • Locked in the Library Fundraiser

    On March 8th the SGA and LMC are sponsoring a Library Lock-In fundraiser! Participating students commit to reading for 60 minutes while “locked” in the Robert Frost MS Media Center. It turns a solitary experience into a social event while also raising money for the Frost SGA and Media Center!

  • 6th Grade Outdoor Education

    6th Grade Parents - Outdoor Education Program is scheduled for March 13 through March 17.  The program will be held at Summit Lake in Emmitsburg, MD.

  • Steam Night, March 2, 2017

    STEAM NIGHT - FULL STEAM AHEAD!  Parents and Students be sure to come to the Robert Frost Steam Night on March 2, 2017, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  It will be an fun and exciting evening, showcasing student projects and activities.

  • Robert Frost Middle School Course Bulletin 2017-2018

    Robert Frost Middle School 2017-2018 Course Bulletin.

  • 6th Grade Student Summer Orientation

    Attention current 5th graders.  Please register for the Student Summer Orientation, register for only ONE half day session.  

  • Interest in Chaperoning for Outdoor Education 2017

    Our 6th Grade Outdoor Education Field Trip will be the week of March 13, 2017 and will be held at Summit Lake Camp in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

  • Dr. Murray begins her practicum experience January 3, 2017

    Dr. Murray, our Principal Intern, will begin her practicum experience and assume the leadership of the school in a role of Principal between January 3 and February 17, 2017.


    Sign up to Visit China this spring during Spring Break for a trip full of culture and history.  Be sure to check the website for the itinerary and additional information on this amazing trip.

  • Final Frontiers 2016

    Final Frontiers is an engineering competition where students design, construct, and test one of the challenges.  Students will originally compete here at Frost.  Please review our website and the county website for additional details.

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