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2017 Legislative Platform

The Maryland State Board of Education establishes, through regulations, broad statewide policies and mandates, with local boards of education responsible for establishing policies and procedures for the public schools within their jurisdiction. By retaining decision-making authority at the local level, a board of education can best balance educational practices, by using available resources, appropriate public input, and measures of accountability. Such authority includes, but is not limited to, school calendars, curriculum, testing, staffing, and procurement issues.The Montgomery County Board of Education believes that today's investments in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) are crucial to a prosperous economy, strong business growth, and students' ability to compete for good jobs in a global, high-tech economy. School systems must be adequately funded to prepare our youth to support future economic health. We urge the entire Maryland General Assembly to remain vigilant against the potential negative impacts of unfunded mandates. These include significant additional workload burdens with no accompanying source of revenue as well as unintended consequences of well-intentioned legislation. We look forward to a successful 2017 Legislative Session in which children's welfare continues to be paramount.

2017 Legislative Positions and Testimonies

During the 2017 session, the Board will strive to upload all testimony submitted to the various standing committees. Below, there is a link to each bill in addition to the Board's position with testimony attached. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Swanson, legislative aide to the Board of Education at For further information about these and all pieces of legislation, please visit the Maryland General Assembly website. For last year's positions, please visit Prior Legislation Information

Local Bills

MC 14-17 
Montgomery County - Family Life and Human Sexuality Curriculum - Affirmative Consent
Delegates Kelly and Morales
Oppose - Local Control 

House Bills

House Bill 17 
Elementary and Secondary Education - Required Number of School
Days - Repeal
Delegate Afzali
No Position

House Bill 23 
Vehicle Laws - School Vehicles – Definition
Delegate Lam

House Bill 56 
Public Schools - Wellness Policy - School Meals
Delegate Conaway


Senate Bills

Senate Bill 1 
Education - Specialized Intervention Services – Reports
Senator Conway
Oppose (but support workgroup)

Senate Bill 60 
Sugar-Free Schools Act
Senator Young

Senate Bill 90 
Classwork and Assessment Involving Live and Dead Animals - Student Right of Refusal
Senator Young


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