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Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budget

Board of Education Adopted Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (2/14/2017)

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More Information

Board of Education Adopted 
FY 2018 Operating Budget (2/14/2017)

FY 2017 Budget 2.46 Billion
FY 2018 Budget   2.52 Billion  
Variance 64.24 Million
Percent of Increase 2.6%
FY 2018 Changes/Realignments
Total Changes/Realignments (20,504,698)
FY 2018 Changes (in Millions)
Enrollment/Growth 15.46
New School/New Grade 5.24
Employee Benefits & Insurance 9.67
Strategic Accelerators 11.01
Inflation/Other 4.40
Continuing Salary 38.36
Changes/Realignments (20.50)
Non-recurring Costs (1.45)
Grants/Enterprise/Other Changes 2.05
Total Budget Increase   64.24 Million  

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Strategic Priorities

Improve Teaching and Learning $3.61 Million
  • Increase opportunities for students to participate in rigorous coursework, programs, and co-curricular activities including in the STEM areas
  • Expand achievement-focused extracurricular programs to all middle schools to increase outcomes and opportunities for students
  • Expand home-school model special education programs
  • Ensure effective mathematics instruction through robust materials, focused support, and approaches to scheduling
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Focus on Learning, Accountability, and Results $2.68 Million
  • Improve understanding of data through implementation of comprehensive data systems
  • Provide assessment opportunities for students who want to take the SAT, ACT, or career certification assessments
  • Implement climate surveys for staff and students
  • Implement systems that result in comprehensive and systemic college/career planning efforts
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Focus on Human Capital $1.27 Million
  • Implement required professional learning for teachers and paraeducators to include cultural competence, implicit bias, and restorative practice
  • Provide focused training for teachers on effective practices and content knowledge
  • Develop comprehensive pathway programs for supporting services staff who want to become teachers
  • Expand equity and excellence hiring efforts
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Focus on Community Partnerships and Engagement $1.25 Million
  • Develop and communicate resources and materials to provide parents and partners with information on available opportunities and improving outcomes for students
  • Build pipelines from elementary schools to improve engagement and opportunities in arts, sciences, and mathematics programs
  • Expand partnership with Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove to increase number of schools in the ACES program
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Focus on Operational Excellence $2.20 Million
  • Create efficiencies and ensure effective operations through updating and enhancing business systems
  • Enhance air quality, maintenance support, and prevention programs
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Superintendent Smith Presents Recommended Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (12/13/2016)

Superintendent's FY 2018 Recommended Operating Budget and Personnel Complementpdf

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