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Montgomery County Public Schools will close at the regularly scheduled time today. All school-sponsored afterschool and evening activities are CANCELED. Day care programs in school buildings will remain open as scheduled. Community use activities in school buildings will occur until 6 p.m. but are canceled after 6 p.m.

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Todas las escuelas públicas del Condado de Montgomery cerrarán en su horario habitual, hoy, 26 de enero. Todas las actividades después de la escuela auspiciadas por las escuelas están canceladas. Programas de cuidado diario en edificios escolares se mantendran abiertos en su horario programado. Todas las actividades comunitarias en edificios escolares ocurrirán hasta las 6:00 p.m. Después de las 6:00 p.m., quedan canceladas.

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Summer readingSummer Reading

Summer reading is one way to help students develop their literacy skills, broaden their interests, and extend their background knowledge. During the summer all students are expected to choose and read books that interest and challenge them. Students and parents may use the resources listed in the Recommended Reading section below to select books that are diverse in terms of challenge, ethnicity and culture, topics, classic and contemporary time periods, and genres. There is something here for everybody.

Many middle and high schools have developed specific requirements for summer reading to support their instructional programs. Please contact your school with questions or comments.

Recommended Reading

Lists of recommended books for prekindergarten through grade 12 compiled by Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL).


Check with your middle or high school for required reading for grade 6 though 12.

Public Libraries

This is also a good opportunity to get re-acquainted with the services available at your local Montgomery County Public Libraries branch. Your library card and account allow you to access many services online. If you don't have a library card, here are easy instructions for how to get one.

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