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Who We Are:

The mission of the Office of School Support and Improvement (OSSI) is to create the conditions necessary for every student to experience academic excellence through the development and implementation of professional learning, comprehensive and coordinated programs and services, and a focus on learning, accountability, and results.

There are two school improvement teams and a school administration team; each is led by an associate superintendent.
Our school improvement teams are based on grade level rather than geography.

Meet Dr. Kimberly A. Statham, Deputy Superintendent
Meet Dr. Donna S. Hollingshead, Associate Superintendent of School Administration
Meet Dr. LaVerne G. Kimball, Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools
Meet Dr. Darryl L. Williams, Associate Superintendent of Secondary Schools  

School Assignments by Associate Superintendent

OSSI InfographicHow We Help Schools...

OSSI develops and implements professional learning opportunities, leadership development, and comprehensive and coordinated programs ans services that focus on these three areas:

Learning, Accountability and Results

Operational Excellence

Skillful Leadership 

Improving Learning, Accountability, & Results:

Operational Excellence:

Skillful Leadership:



School Clusters

School clusters are groups of geographically defined attendance areas.  They include elementary and middle schools that feed into particular high schools and consortium schools.

See the list below to find schools by cluster, or download the .pdf version.

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