Editorial, Graphics & Publishing Services (EGPS)

About EGPS

Who We Are

EGPS comprises 46 employees, organized into work groups aligned with five major services (listed above). One of the three EGPS operations supervisors is assigned to each work group. They meet daily to coordinate their activities, which usually require shared equipment and human resources. The Customer Service team (four members) and the Administrative team (three members) directly support the operations supervisors as well as our customers. All employees within EGPS contribute to the ongoing improvement of the services and products we provide to our customers.

Staff Directory (Carver)

Staff Directory (Lincoln Center)

Products and Publications


Publications Gallery

Here is what we create:

  • Brochures, booklets, handbooks, and catalogs
  • Graphic identity and logos
  • Posters, displays, and presentation graphics
  • Stationery: Letterhead, envelopes, and business cards
    (See Business Card Sampler Adobe PDF icon square)
  • Invitations and award certificates
  • Interactive forms
  • Newsletters
  • Student exams
  • Curriculum guides


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Our Goals

Goal 1

Pursue ongoing improvement in the preparation and utilization of instructional materials by teachers

Goal 2

Provide schools with the custom-printed materials they need for their specific programs

Goal 3

Create high-quality publications for students, families, and staff and foster editorial excellence throughout MCPS

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