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Retirement Planning

Thinking about retirement? This page will help you prepare for your retirement, whether near or far.

General Retirement Planning Resources & Forms

General Resources

*also known as the "MCPS Employees' Retirement and Pension System"

Retirement Forms

Submit your retirement forms at least 30 days prior to your expected retirement date. Click on your core plan membership to access the required forms.

Retirement Timeline

Considering retirement within the next 3 years? Click on each timeframe for a detailed list of actions to prepare you for retirement.

36 months or more

At this stage in the process, the most important step you can take is to do your homework.

  1. Check your retirement statement to see your current MCPS Core and Supplemental pension estimated projected retirement benefit amounts and retirement dates.
  2. Read Understanding Your Retirement Statement for help navigating your MCPS retirement statement. (PDF)
  3. Read Understanding Your Retirement for detailed information about your retirement benefit and timelines to help you through the retirement process.
  4. Read The Mentor for information about The State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland (SRA) pre-retirement seminars and a retirement checklist for SRA members within 12 months of retirement.
  5. Read Retiree News and Notes, also from the SRA, for more helpful information for "soon-to-be" and current retirees.
  6. Attend information workshops to hear from the experts.

9 to 12 months

Start taking concrete steps toward your retirement.

  1. Request an estimate of retirement benefits
  1. Apply to purchase any eligible service and/or military service credit
  1. To apply to purchase service and/or military credit for your MCPS core and/or supplemental plan:
  • Submit MCPS Form 455-18: Statement of Military Service to transfer military service



      Contact ERSC for additional details about purchasing or transferring service




  • Prepare your retirement budget





    6 months

    Make sure you know all the details to ensure a smooth a transition.

    1. Read the Retiree Benefit Plan Summary to familiarize yourself with retiree benefit options.
    2. Discuss your benefit payment options with your family and/or financial advisor.

    3 months

    1. Download your retirement application forms  
    2. Determine your federal and state withholding amount. Consult with your tax advisor for assistance.
    3. If eligible, contact the Social Security Administration to file for Social Security benefits and enroll in Medicare Parts A and B if you and/or your spouse are 65 or older.
    4. Review your 403(b) and/or 457(b) plan options, including rollover of sick and/or annual leave payout.
    5. MCEA members retiring July 1 must submit all retirement forms to ERSC by March 28 to be eligible for payment of 30 percent of their earned unused sick leave balance. Learn more about the MCEA sick leave payoff

    1-2 months

    Send in your retirement forms and begin your transition to retirement.

    1. Return all retirement forms to ERSC, including 403(b) or 457(b) salary reduction form(s) for rollover of annual and/or sick leave payment, and a copy of your Medicare card, if you or spouse is enrolled in Medicare.
      • All forms must be received by ERSC at least 30 days prior to your retirement date. 

    Disability Retirement

    Learn more about applying for a disability retirement.