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Twice Exceptional Students and Services


Students who are Gifted and Talented/Learning Disabled (GT/LD) have a unique profile of significant strengths and weaknesses. These students require support and special services in order to access appropriately challenging curriculum. The information on this site is designed to support parents and educators as they strive to identify and determine appropriate services for GT/LD and other twice exceptional students in MCPS.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Additional information about programs and services for GT/LD students.

Interactive Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ ImageAn interactive FAQ that will answer your basic questions about GT/LD students, programs and services.

MCPS Publications


Professional Development Online (PDO)
Log onto PDO to review current countywide offerings. (For example: SA-92 Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties, GT/LD Series, or use search terms "GT/LD" or "Twice Exceptional"). School-based training available upon request.

Recognizing GT/LD Webinar
GTLD Webinar graphic 

 Wings Mentor Program
The Mentor WINGS Program, coordinated by Accelerated and Enriched Instruction, is designed to provide additional support to gifted/learning disabled students and highly able students who are not succeeding in the regular education classroom

GT/LD Characteristics   

GTLD CharacteristicsA 10-minute interactive presentation focused on understanding the pattern of strengths and weaknesses of GT/LD students. 

GT/LD Checklist for Staff 

Request for Twice Exceptional Student Support Form  

GT/LD Network
A non-profit organization run by volunteers to support gifted students who learn differently.

MCPS High Incidence Accessible Technology (HIAT)
Information and resources related to assistive technology in MCPS.

Guide to Countywide GT Programs 

Additional GT/LD Resources and Weblinks

GT/LD Contact

For more information, please contact the twice exceptional instructional specialist in the Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction.
Phone: 301-279-3163

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